Yard Sale Alternatives

June 1, 2023

It’s yard sale season. We don’t really like yard sales. They don’t have a track record for being worth their time and effort. We recommend that you save the time and energy and opt for one of these great yard sale alternatives. 

Online Marketplaces: 

Platforms like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace provide a wide reach for selling items. You can post descriptions, photos, and set prices. These platforms often have broader audiences than yard sales, allowing you to reach more potential buyers.You can post pictures of the items you’re selling and engage with interested buyers through comments or direct messages. Coordinate payment and pickup details privately.

Specialty Websites and Apps: 

Depending on the type of items you’re selling, there may be specialized websites or apps that cater to specific niches. For example, websites like Poshmark, are ideal for selling clothing and accessories, while BookScouter specializes in buying and selling books. Here are a few more resources for donating and selling books. Remember, as with other online platforms, when exploring these alternatives, be mindful of any fees, shipping logistics, or safety precautions that may apply. 

Consignment Shops: 

Consignment shops are a convenient option if you have valuable or unique items to sell – everything from furniture to clothing. Here are some of our favorite consignment stores in the Richmond, VA area and then in the Charlottesville, VA area. These shops sell items on your behalf and take a percentage of the sale price as a commission. They often have an established customer base and can help you reach buyers who are specifically interested in the type of items you’re selling. 


We specifically love using StitchBack for consigning clothes if you are in the RVA area. Although they operate like a consignment store, they are a complete service  offering a pickup as well putting them in a class all by themselves. Read the blog for more information. You can obtain bags, gets answers to additional questions, and find out if you qualify for pick up by going to the StitchBack website.

Community Swaps: 

Many communities have organized swaps or neighborhood groups to connect those who are letting items go with those who need the items. Whether for purchase or for donate, an item you are no longer using may be the exact item that someone in your community needs. Check out your local Buy Nothing Group, Nextdoor Community, or Neighborhood Facebook group. 

Just let it go…stick with this eco-friendly practice for a more sustainable lifestyle…

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the trap of “trying to find the right way to sell your items”. Sustainability is our goal here. Items you are not using take up excess time and space. So just let them go. You can also even schedule pickup with some of the local donation centers. Waste is ultimately reduced when new items are not created. In order for new items to not be created, items must be reused. When this happens, the environment is preserved, natural resources are protected, and money is saved. Instead of adding to the landfill, or damaging the environment, here are some resources to help you use the proper channels to recycle and discard items responsibly. Here are some reminders on donating responsibly

Are there any yard sale alternatives that you recommend? Let us know about your successes and ask any questions in our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook.