World Organizing Day!

May 19, 2022

World Organizing Day is a global initiative founded by the International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations (IFPOA), to celebrate the work of organizing and productive professionals throughout the world. May 20th, this designated day, aims to increase public awareness of the benefits of getting organized. It highlights the work of organizing and productivity professionals who enrich the personal and professional lives of their clients. It also recognizes the accomplishments of individuals and organizations in their efforts to become more organized and productive. Check out the IFPOA website for more on World Organizing Day.

What is IFPOA and what does this group of associations do?

The International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations is comprised of member associations (like NAPO and ICD) throughout the world. The official formation of the IFPOA took place in November of 2007. The leaders of the member associations came together and united with a common vision to increase the visibility and professionalism of the organizing and productivity industry throughout the world. They did not just want to see the industry of professional organizing flourish in their country, but they wanted to see the professional organizing industry elevated worldwide by creating a global community of professional organizing and productivity associations. And that is just the beginning. Below are the member associations and their represented countries that make up this federation. You can read more about each member association on the IFPOA’s bio page with the first link, and then directly link to their website with the second link.

Republic of Korea
United States
United States

Is Abundance Organizing a part of any member associations?

Yes! Since its inception, the Abundance Organizing team has made an impact in the industry as educators for the Institute For Challenging Disorganization and the National Association Of Productivity and Organizing Professionals by conducting teleclass presentations and speaking at national conferences. Not only do we highly value the education, resources, and support that comes from NAPO and ICD, but we in part have become leaders in the industry. Mindy Godding, partner and founder of our company, is the current incoming president of NAPO. Our team continues to actively participate with these member associations as regional board members, speakers, volunteers, members, authors, and mentors. 

Be sure to check out these different member associations and NAPO’s Pro Directory if you are looking for a professional in your area. If you want to read more about our team, you can do so here. We are celebrating all the hard work of our organizing professionals today and everyday. Let us know in our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook if you have any questions or a shout out for how a professional organizer helped you. We love to hear from you!