Tips for Organizing Kids’ Backpacks

August 9, 2022

Are you relishing these last few days of summer? We sure are at Abundance Organizing! But we are also looking forward to everything that comes with fall and the new school year. All the hustle and bustle brings with it the great task of keeping up with backpacks. Here are 10 tips for organizing kids’ backpacks and keeping them organized.

1) Make sure you have all needed supplies.

Check out the Container Store’s “Back to School” list if you have not already done so. They have some really great products – not just for organizing backpacks, but also for organizing anything to do with school. Need some ideas for a homework station or for craft supplies? We love the products at the Container Store!

2) Clean the backpack.

Start off the school year with a clean backpack. Here are some great tips for how to wash a backpack. Check in a couple times throughout the school year and go through your child’s backpack to keep it clean and organized. 

3) Put all writing utensils together.

Containerize items such as pens, pencils, and crayons into a pouch. Add any other items needed in this category from the homework station such as scissors or tape. 

4) Containerize all electronics into a pouch.

Headphones, computer cords, and USB drives can get lost way too quickly. Keep them all together. You can use one of these accessory pouches, or you can get extra fancy with this tech accessory organizer.

5) Designate a separate pouch for toiletries.

Don’t forget toiletries like that Invisalign case, chapstick, deodorant (for teens), and hand sanitizer. A clear zippered travel pouch will help your child quickly see and access any item in the bag.

6) Remember to include that change of clothes.

For the younger children, pack an extra pair of undergarments and clothes in a separate pouch. Having these in case of an accident will save your child embarrassment and keep you from needing to run to school. 

7) Containerize all paper in a separate compartment.

Papers strewn all over the backpack can become very annoying to deal with. Use a separate section or folder to store papers. You can either designate a section of the backpack itself for this purpose, or you can purchase a separate folder, like an accordion file folder or a special pocket for documents. This system will also ensure that documents do not get wet if a water bottle or lunch box is left open. 

8) Put reading glasses in an outside pocket.

Pockets on the outside of the backpack can be great for storing reading glasses. The outside pocket will make it easier to access the glasses.

9) Building routines will help keep the backpack organized.

Morning, after school, and evening routines are all important times of the day for the backpack. It can be difficult to remember to pack and unpack the backpack, but, with a routine, you will be surprised at how organized you can be.

10) Find a home for the backpack.

Do you have a launchpad for kids? This is the perfect place to store a backpack, and it will help you and your child make sure that, on those busy school mornings, nothing gets left behind  – especially the lunch box!  

Do you have any tips for organizing kids’ backpacks? Let us know in our Facebook Abundance Declutter Group. We love to hear from you!