Tips for Moving With Kids

July 15, 2023

This time of year generally is the most busy moving season. While moving is exciting, it can be a very challenging task with kids. But with some careful planning and organization, you can make the process smoother for everyone involved. Here are some tips for moving with kids:

Communicate with your kids:

Explain to your children why you are moving and involve them in the process. Answer their questions and address their concerns. Helping them understand the reasons behind the move can make it easier for them to cope with the changes.

Plan ahead:

Create a moving timeline and involve your kids in the planning process. Discuss important dates and events leading up to the move, such as packing days, saying goodbye to friends or neighbors, and the actual moving day. The management of time is very important when planning a move. Here are some tips for estimating time to help you with a successful moving plan. 

Declutter with your kids:

Before you start packing, go through belongings and involve your kids in the decluttering process. Let them decide which items they want to keep, donate, or throw away. This can help them feel more in control and reduce the amount of stuff you have to pack and move. Here are some tips for decluttering toys

Pack together:

Assign small packing tasks to your kids according to their age and abilities. Set packing goals and use these tips to keep everyone motivated to complete the goals. Give them their own moving boxes and let them pack their belongings, such as toys, books, and clothes. This involvement will make your kids feel more engaged in the moving process.

Pack an essentials box:

Prepare an essentials box for each child with their favorite toys, books, and comfort items. This box should be easily accessible during the move and immediately after you arrive at your new home. Having familiar items on hand will help your kids feel more comfortable during the transition.

Pack with your new home in mind:

As you go through the process of packing with or for your children, pack boxes according to where items will live in your new home. This will involve extra planning ahead of time, but will save you time and work during your unpack. Maybe you have an extra room now that is being turned into a playroom. Or maybe you have a mudroom that can be used to free up space in your child’s bedroom closet. Whatever the case, you will have time to figure all this out when you are planning your move. 

Label boxes clearly:

Make sure to label the boxes clearly with the contents and the room they belong to. We also recommend using fresh, consistent moving boxes. This will make it easier to unpack and organize things in your new home. You can also use color-coded labels to differentiate between rooms, which can be fun for kids to participate in.

Keep your kids entertained:

Moving can be stressful for kids, so make sure to have some entertainment options available during the process. Prepare a bag with their favorite snacks, books, games, or electronic devices to keep them occupied during the move. This can also be the time when you get the most overwhelmed! Here are some tips to help you stay on schedule

Say goodbye:

Encourage your kids to say goodbye to their friends, teachers, and neighbors. Organize a farewell get-together if possible, or plan playdates with close friends before you leave. This will help them process their emotions and maintain important connections.

Set up their room first:

When you arrive at your new home, prioritize setting up your kids’ rooms first. Having their personal space ready will provide them with a sense of familiarity and security amidst the chaos of the move.

Explore the new neighborhood:

Once you’ve settled in, take the time to explore your new neighborhood with your kids. Visit local parks, libraries, and community centers. Familiarizing them with the surroundings will help them feel more comfortable and excited about their new environment.

Moving can be a stressful experience for everyone, especially your kids.  Remember to be patient, understanding, and supportive throughout the process. Involve them as much as possible to help them feel more a part of the move and in control of the changes. Let us know what tips for moving with kids was helpful to you in our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook