Full View of Organized Kitchen

The Right Way to Plan a Kitchen Renovation is With a Professional Organizer!

January 8, 2020

This kitchen is a beautiful mix of wood, stainless steel and white marble. But that’s not why it’s amazing. It’s amazing because it is crazy functional. This kitchen renovation was planned the right way. With a professional organizer. Cathy LeHew of Abundance Organizing planned this kitchen from top to bottom. Everything in it is exactly where it is supposed to be and customized beautifully. We often see beautiful kitchen remodels with all the bells and whistles. Then we start organizing them and discover there is no where to put the KitchenAid mixer!

Too often kitchens are designed according to the space and what standard cabinets will fit. We like to take inventory of what a client owns, what they enjoy doing in the space, and assess the space they need to do what they enjoy. Then we make it fit into the space available. It creates a whole different result!

We want to save the world from being forced to leave their KitchenAid mixer on the counter! Here are a few organizing tips to ensure you have no regrets with your kitchen renovation.


What’s Important?
Common priorities might be to have a large pantry, to create a designated place for making smoothies, or to have ample storage for baking items that is easily accessible. What is important to you? Make a note of it. Consider what you love about your current kitchen and what you don’t love.

Take Inventory of EVERYTHING
When you’re kitchen is being renovated everything will be packed up. You will most likely forget everything you have. Make an inventory of everything so you can constantly reference the list to ensure you don’t overlook anything.

Measure the Big Stuff
Measure the largest platter you own, the largest cutting board, the largest kitchen appliance, the tallest glass, the longest spatula, etc. Do you buy in bulk? Measure the size of the cereal boxes you purchase. Know what you need to fit what you have. You wouldn’t buy a pair of pants that wouldn’t fit. Why build a kitchen that doesn’t fit!

Additional Thoughts
Spices are always better in a drawer.
Don’t forget you’ll need a place for dish towels, pot holders, etc.
Create a place to put dirty kitchen linens if possible!
Everyone needs a well organized junk drawer. Make sure you have space for one.

Have you remodeled your kitchen? What are you most proud of in terms of how your kitchen functions? Please share!