Team member showing organized drawer and cabinet

The Crozet Gazette Features Abundance Organizing

May 16, 2019

Just Too Much Stuff: War on Clutter Affects Local Businesses
By Theresa Curry –

Tammy Smith travels between clients in the Valley and those in Crozet and Charlottesville. She’s the owner of Tammy’s Cleaning and has had an intimate knowledge of their homes and garages for more than thirty years. She has stories: homes where closet doors can’t open because they’re blocked by discarded clothing; families who have given up cooking rather than clear space on their counters, sinks and stoves. She’s worked for people who can’t sit down for a meal because the table has layers of mail and magazines, for people unable to bathe because the bathtub is full of dirty clothes, and for folks shopping online only to add to the pile of unopened bags of clothing, cosmetics, shoes and other new products already filling their homes.

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