Woman wiping shelf clean

Spring Cleaning – Plan the Purge

March 9, 2020

Spring is right around the corner. This also means it’s time for spring cleaning! It can be challenging to go through stuff and make decisions on what to keep, toss or donate. Before you start we recommend taking a few preliminary steps to make spring cleaning a lot less overwhelming.

Create a Plan and Take Inventory
Look around your home and identify areas you want to tackle. What areas need the most work? Are you going to need help? What items can you quickly identify that you know you want to donate, consign or toss? Start making a list. Focus on the larger items like mattresses, furniture, TVs and collections or large quantities of items like closets full of linens, or outgrown toys.

Assess Your List
Review the list you created and start planning where the items will go. For example, very few places take used mattresses. Start doing some research online, make phone calls and ask people you know for resources. Start creating a list of resources that will accept the items you have. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Mattresses/Large Furniture Items
As previously mentioned not many places take mattresses so it’s worth the time to make a few phone calls before dragging your mattress to the dumpster. Salvation Army will pick up items but they need to know in advance what they are picking up. Goodwill is also another option but there are many organizations that need support. Search for women’s shelters, organizations that support refugees, or organizations that assist in housing homeless families. The objective is to schedule a day for the organization to pick up your items. This will give you a deadline, and remove “hauling heavy furniture” from your to-do list.

Towels, pillows, and blankets are usually accepted at animal shelters. Call in advance to ensure there are no restrictions. When you begin cleaning create a trash bag for the animal shelter and plan to deliver them later in the day. Nothing would motivate us more than an opportunity to visit some adorable pups!

Batteries or Electronics
Old batteries and some electronics can be recycled at stores like Batteries Plus or Best Buy. Do a search and find a location near you before you begin cleaning. Create a pile of electronics to recycle as you find them while you clean.

Motor Oil or Hazardous Waste
Towns all over the US are probably promoting recycling drop-off days for residents now. Check your local paper or online for event details. These events make it quick and easy to drop items that you may otherwise hold onto because you lack the resources to discard properly. Take advantage of these events and try planning your spring cleaning date around them.

Pianos and Organs
Unfortunately, pianos tend to be the most difficult item to get rid of. Very few people want or need them. They require a lot of maintenance and moving them is challenging. We recommend calling churches, schools or community centers to see if they have a need for a piano or organ and if they are willing to pick it up.

Planning your purge is a great way to get spring cleaning done efficiently. So before you lift a finger take inventory, make a list and start doing research. You will likely find opportunities to purge items you thought you never could.