Setting Up a Wrapping Station

December 6, 2022

Time to get your wrapping station ready! That last minute gift wrapping is also much more peaceful when you have a wrapping station set up and ready to go. Here are some tips for setting up a wrapping station. Make sure you read further down the blog about our Wrap for Charity we are doing at the Richmond Container Store to benefit Caritas!

Pick a location for your wrapping station:

Are you the kind of person that wraps as you go or do you wrap all your gifts at one time? Either way, there is always that one gift that is a last minute wrap so location is very important to keep that wrapping station handy.

  • Find a place that is out of the main flow of traffic for setting up a wrapping station. 
  • Put it a little bit out of the way so that you can keep your wrapping supplies out all holiday season without creating too much clutter. 
  •  If you prefer to put the supplies away and pull them out each time you wrap, make sure your wrapping supplies are easily transferable whether by keeping items in tubs or on the inside of a closet door.
  • Think about the surface of your wrapping station. Find a spot that allows you to roll out paper and cut it if you choose to wrap gifts with paper.

Here are some of our favorite organizing products for wrapping supplies:

  • The Wrap and Tote Organizer is a great organizing product for all your wrapping supplies including pockets for storing gift bags.
  • The Customized Gift Wrap Center has dividers to help you organize all your wrapping supplies and is easily slid under a bed. 
  • The Gift Wrap Box also goes great under beds and is nice and sturdy for keeping rolls of wrapping paper secure. 
  • The Vertical Gift Wrap Box keeps your wrapping paper accessible and from getting bent. Because it is vertical it can easily be stored in the closet.
  • If you want all your gift wrap on the inside of a door, then the Gift Wrap Rack is the perfect organizing product.
  • The Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer is also great if you prefer to hang your wrapping supplies in a closet. 
  • Complete with a place to hang your wrapping paper and roll your ribbon, the Gift Wrap Cart is a wrapping station all in itself. 
  • The Gift Packaging Organizer is great for organizing your wrapping tools, bows, and gift tags. It is easily carried to wherever you will be needing it to wrap presents.
  • Gift Wrap Bands are the perfect tool for keeping your wrapping paper from unrolling and going everywhere. 

Tips for organizing your wrapping supplies:

Think through what supplies you need to wrap your presents. Are you going to do paper? You need tape. Are you doing bags? Then you need tissue paper. Don’t forget gift tags. Once you have your wrapping supplies collected, it is time to organize them:

  • Put like with like and keep all items in a category together. So, put all the tissue paper together, all the bags in a pile, wrapping paper together, bows in a container together, and so forth. 
  • Grab your choice of writing utensils, scissors, wrapping paper cutter, paper cutter and folder, tape, gift tags and other supplies you will be using when wrapping and place them in a handy container. You want to keep this container accessible and transferable so that every time you go to wrap a present, you are able to easily access all the tools you need to wrap and address the present. 
  • If you really want to get your wrapping station organized, you can put your wrapping station items in order of their use forming somewhat of a supply chain rhythm.

Wrap for Charity!

Come see us for the Wrapping Event we are doing to benefit Caritas at the Container Store! Saturday, December 10th, 2022 from 12pm-4pm. Bring ALL of your gifts and Abundance Organizing team members will wrap them while you shop. Click the WRAP FOR CHARITY FLYER for more information. Can’t wait to see you there!

What’s your favorite tip for setting up a wrapping station? Share with us in the Abundance Declutter Facebook Group!