Resources for Donating and Selling Books

September 22, 2022

What is your plan when it comes to decluttering books? When you have the time to go through and organize your books, you will definitely find a book or two (or more!) that you are ready to let go. Here are 10 great resources for donating and selling books that you no longer want or need.

Resources for Donating Books

(1) Book Swaps

Get together with some of your friends and have everyone bring a few books to exchange. Every participant gets to swap out their books for new ones. This is a great way to keep books in the hands of people who will enjoy them. You better go a little crazy and bring out those charcuterie boards or ice scream scoopers, too. 

(2) Little Free Libraries

If you do not have a Little Free Library in your neighborhood, well, maybe it is time to start one! You can read more on their website all about how to start and find a Little Free Library: “Take a Book. Share a Book.” 

(3) Salvation Army

Donations made to the Salvation Army go to its stores (where the items will be sold) and to its homeless shelters. The Salvation Army accepts used paperbacks and hardbacks. It is very convenient to make a donation with their numerous locations. Here is the link to find a drop off location near you. 

(4) Libraries

Your local library is a fantastic place to donate the books that you no longer want or need. This is such a great way to giveback to your community. Just check with your local library for specific needs or restrictions. 

(5) Donation Town

This is a great resource to use to find a charity that will pick up your donations for free. Just go to the Donation Town website, enter your zip code, choose from a local charity, and schedule your pickup. There are more options available in some states than others but it is just very convenient to have all the research done for you about the best charity pickups available in your area. 

(6) Better World Books

Better World Books is a certified B-Corp and a for-profit global e-retailer that will take your book donations, sell them, and then match each purchase they sell with a book donation. Read more here about how Better World Books cares and how your book donations will help. They have many drop locations that you can find on their website, or you can always mail your books to them, too. 

Resources for Selling Books

(7) 2nd and Charles

This is the place where the books that you no longer use or need can become someone else’s treasure. 2nd and Charles buys and sells gently used books…and much more. Their vision is to keep these items out of the trash and circulating through the community. If you are a RVA local, then be sure to check out this location

(8) Book Scouter

It pretty much is summed up in its name. Book Scouter helps you to search through 30+ buyback vendors, compare prices and seller feedback, and ultimately sell your books for the most money. It is also a great resource for college students with its best price recommendations, vendor ratings and reviews, and other buyback options. 

(9) Sell Back Your Books

For a convenient route, you can sell your books online to Sell Back Your Books. They even have an app to make it easier. Everything is handled online and they will even pay for your shipping if they purchase your books. Make sure to read through their FAQ to so that you understand the process.

(10) Cash 4 Books

With just three simple steps, Cash 4 Books will buy your used books and textbooks: 1. Cash 4 Books gives you a quote, 2. Cash 4 Books sends you a prepaid shipping label so that you can ship them the books, and 3. Cash 4 Books pays you upon receipt of the book(s). Especially if you have textbooks you would like to make some extra cash on, this is a great option.

Do you have any resources for donating or selling books? Share any resource in our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook to inspire our organizing community!