Our Process: Eco-Friendly Organizing

At Abundance Organizing, we believe in social responsibility and doing more to protect the natural world. Our organizing services are based on principles of simplifying, reducing, and being purposeful in our daily lives. Small changes resulting from a more organized lifestyle can help our environment and move you towards your sustainability goals.

If you are someone who wants to make purposeful changes that support the environment, we would love to help. Here are some of the ways our work will help you increase sustainability:

  • Minimize Consumption – Through our organizing process, our clients can make more informed decisions about what they truly need and use. Increasing accessibility and visibility helps with inventory management and decreases duplication. One of the biggest benefits of organizing is minimizing your consumption of unnecessary items. No more shopping for things you don’t really don’t need.
  • Declutter With A Purpose – When decluttering, we work creatively to reduce waste; the landfill is our last resort! We make sure to stay informed of the best ways to repurpose, recycle, donate, and/or consign items our clients no longer want. Over the years, we have developed a deep roster of community partners who accept donated items to serve their mission. After organizing, we offer off-site services to ensure items are delivered to their next best place. Every once in a while we even find that one client has a need and we know another client who has the ability to fill that need. We love when that happens!
  • Research Recycling Options – Perhaps you already have recycling services or wish you could do better. Or maybe you aren’t aware of recycling services in your area. Either way, we will assist you with finding options. Additionally, we can help establish organized systems in your home to ensure your new recycling habits stick.
  • Eco-Friendly Organizing Products – One great way to be eco-friendly is to reduce consumption. If you want us to reuse the bins, boxes, drawer dividers, or hangers already in your space, we will do so. We can make them look snazzy with our aesthetic expertise! If new products are needed we can help source products made of sustainable materials.
  • Going Paperless – We can help cancel subscriptions, move to paperless billing, block junk mail, assist with online banking setup, find document scanning options, and more.

Eco-friendly practices permeate our services and our company culture. It may feel overwhelming to consider the gravity and scale of global climate change. Every one of us can make a difference. Don’t let disorganization hold you back! We can work with you to develop a plan to make it happen. We enjoy collaborating with your household to get buy-in so everyone works together to achieve an eco-friendly household. You can take small intentional steps toward your sustainability goals and know along the way that, when we work in your home, we share your values.