ORganized drawer with cleaning products under sink

Organizing Under The Kitchen Sink

February 5, 2020

The cabinet under the kitchen sink is often a packed mess (i.e. blackhole) of cleaning products, plastic or reusable bags, sponges, tools, etc. The sink plumbing creates odd storage space that is challenging to maximize. There are many products and solutions out there that can solve the problem. Here are a few we recommend.

Instead of a cabinet with doors, make it a cabinet with drawers. Many solutions can be installed around the plumbing. Drawers give you a much easier space to access. No more getting on your hands and knees to find what you’re looking for. If installing a new cabinet isn’t in the budget install pull-outs. This is the next best option for creating an accessible storage solution.

The back of the cabinet door is always a useful place for storing items. Simply stick Command Hooks to the door and hang towels, the duster, dustpan, or a small basket to hold sponges, rubber gloves, etc. Products are made specifically for small cabinet doors. You’ll find them here at Bed Bath and Beyond.

When you decide to tackle organizing under the kitchen cabinet use these tips:

Store only items you use on a regular basis. The space under the kitchen sink is too small for ALL your cleaning supplies and tools. Define the purpose of the space and keep it simple. For example, store dishwashing supplies, trash, and trash bags but if an item doesn’t relate to dishwashing or trash it must go elsewhere.

Combine small items into larger bins. Rags, the toothbrush used for cleaning, the sink drain cover can easily get lost or messy if they aren’t contained. Use bins with lids so the bins can stack and save space.