Organizing Products We Love

February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this celebrated day of love, we would like to give a shout-out to some of the organizing products we love most. From personal experience, we know that the right organizing product makes all the difference in the world!⁠ Especially when organizing kids, you want to know that the products are proven and dependable. While we do use plastic products at Abundance Organizing, we make an effort to incorporate sustainable organizing products. The Container Store never disappoints for all ages. However, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the wonderful options! So, we have narrowed it down to 14 organizing products we love most and added some special tips for how to use the product when organizing kids. Enjoy!

(1) Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets
  • The uniformity that comes from using these eco-friendly baskets makes any area aesthetically pleasing. You can tell from our photos on Instagram that we especially love using these baskets when organizing the pantry
  • We love using these baskets, made from renewable resources, just about anywhere and in any closet
  • Eco-Friendly Product Link: Water Hyacinth Storage Bins
(2) Stackable Drawers
  • Helps to utilize vertical space in the pantry, under-the-sink, in the craft room, and in the toy room. 
  • Tip for Organizing Kids: When you use stackable drawers, it makes the toys visible and accessible for little hands and eyes, but still helps to maintain order by keeping all items contained. We especially love using these drawers to store Legos!
  • Product Link: Stackable Drawers
  • Eco-Friendly Product Link: Wooden Open-Front Bins
(3) Pantry Bins
    • We love to use clear pantry bins for the pantry, bathroom, fridge, linen closets, and just about anywhere else!
    • Here is a great blog post on using pantry bins in the bathroom
    • Tip for Organizing Kids: We love to use clear pantry bins to containerize items like play-doh and craft supplies which are often used on a table. A pantry bin easily transfers items to any desired location and then cleanup becomes a breeze when everything gets placed back into the same container. 
    • Product Link: Pantry Bin 
    • Eco-Friendly Product Link: Wooden All-Purpose Bin 
(4) Home Edit Canisters
  • These canisters are perfect for decanting everything from pasta to cereal. Your pantry will look beautiful with the contents of the canisters displayed.
  • Organizer Tip: Use canisters to store snacks to make them easily accessible for kids. While decanting pantry items is a little bit of work, we definitely think the reward outweighs the time investment. 
  • Product Link: Home Edit Canister
(5) Spice Jars
  • The beauty of a spice cabinet or drawer with uniform glass jars is that the jars are all the same size and there is not a mismatch of containers of different shapes, colors, and sizes. 
  • Having uniform glass jars also allows you to buy fresh and bulk spices so that you can leave the extra plastic out of your home. Here are tips for organizing your spices.
  • Product Link: Spice Jars
(6) Bamboo Drawer Organizers
(7) Drawer Organizers
(8) Turntables
  • Turntables containerize items like oils and condiments, skincare products, or craft paint, while ensuring that all the items are visible and easily accessible. We have also included turntables that are made with a renewable resource. 
  • Tip for Organizing Kids: We especially love it when we get to use a turntable with dividers to store snacks or drawing utensils. So wonderful if you want your kids to be able to grab their own snack or put the markers away by themselves.
  • Product Links:  9” Lazy Susan, Divided Lazy Susan, 2-Tier Lazy Susan
  • Eco-Friendly Product Links: Wooden Divided Turntable, Wooden Turntable (9”)
(9) 24-Pocket Mesh Over The Door Shoe Bag 
  • This product makes an assortment of items easily accessible and helps utilize space in tight places such as bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, and craft rooms. 
  • Tip for Organizing Kids: Use this product in the hall closet for cold gear, bug spray, little sunglasses, and so forth. It also works wonderfully to organize toiletries, hair accessories, art supplies, and school supplies.
  • Product Link: Over The Door Shoe Organizer
(10) Rolling Cart 
  • Great for storing supplies, like arts and craft supplies, that need to be easily accessible and easily moved from room to room.
  • Tip for Organizing Kids: A rolling cart is great for play or work. We like that it has wheels and can be moved in and out of closets or from room to room. While it makes a great storage container for arts and craft supplies, a rolling cart is also one of our favorite ways to organizing a homework station.
  • Product Link: Rolling Cart
(11) Stockholm Magazine Holders
  • Made from 70% post-consumer recycled paperboard, these magazine folders are great for keeping craft supplies, spray paint cans, and documents organized and accessible. 
  • They are 100% recyclable with many different colors to choose from and a great organizing product to help you with organizing your documents.
  • Product Link: Stockholm Magazine Holders
(12) Portable File Box
(13) Post-it Notes
  • Post-it Notes are vital to any organizing project – first use sticky notes before you use permanent labels.
  • Post-it Notes make all the difference when organizing documents and sorting through paperwork.
  • Product Link:  Post-it Notes 
(14) Command Hooks
  • Command Hooks are extremely helpful when you want to utilize vertical space but do not want to use a nail. We like to use command hooks inside a kitchen cabinet door to hang pot holders. This frees up drawer space and makes them easily accessible.
  • Tip for Organizing Kids: Kids grow and change, command hooks are great because they are durable yet less permanent than making a hole in the wall. We especially like to use them with kids in the launchpad space to get those jackets and bags off the floor. 
  • Product Link: Command Hooks

What organizing products do you love? We want to know! Maybe you have a favorite product you use to organize your kids? For more, check out our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook. We are having a great time with you on our 16 Day Declutter Challenge!