Organizing Kids’ Documents

January 14, 2022

If you have a child, you are well aware that the paperwork, artwork, and sentimental items are abundant and just keep multiplying! What do you do with all that memorabilia -all the paintings, drawings, sketches, trophies, awards, and all the other sentimental items? It is really hard to know what to keep or toss and how to store these items. You definitely do not need to physically keep each piece. Here are 5 tips for organizing kids’ documents:

Tip 1: Create a Keepsake Bin

For all those drawings, special papers from school, and other documents that will fit into files, use a Sterilite File Box to create a Keepsake bin. Add a file for each grade, Pre-K – 12th grade. File away all paperwork at the end of every grade. We just use hanging file holders and don’t bother with file folders. The file itself sets parameters for how much memorabilia you can keep for your child. Another option that works well for oversized drawings and other larger projects is an oversized Sterilite Bin. Once again, the bin itself limits you so you will need to routinely go through and reevaluate what you will keep and toss. When the bin is full, it is time to go through and toss any keepsake items that have become less sentimental to make room for storing more memorabilia.

Tip 2: Take a Photo

If an art project is just too big to store, or you love one but just do not want to keep it, take a photo. Keep all your photos of art projects in the Keepsake box for easy review. You will be able to reference the photo to bring back the memory without needing to devote all that space to storage.

Tip 3: Email Storage

If the paper clutter gets to you, there is always the email storage method. You can create an email account for your child and digitally store all special paperwork in the email account. This works by taking photos of art and emailing any documents directly to the email address. Digital files are easily set up in an email account for more detailed organization. This method can grow well with kids.

Tip 4: Use an App

Technology today opens up a whole new world of artwork storage organization. Have you explored some of the apps out there for storing kids’ artwork? For more about these apps and their pros and cons, check out this Instillery blog post and this KinderArt blog post. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Tip 5: Display the Artwork

Find ways to display and enjoy the artwork! Here are a couple of ideas to use that artwork in your everyday life:

  • Make placemats out of artwork. Just laminate those drawings and voila…you have placemats. Your kid will be quite proud!
  • Create your own art gallery! Use a blank wall as the place to hang and display all the special paintings and drawings. Keep pieces rotating on a monthly basis.
  • Turn that pottery into cherished gifts to family members and friends. Grandparents and aunts and uncles will love to receive something made by your child.

What tips do you have for organizing kids’ documents? Don’t forget to share in our Facebook Abundance Declutter Group.