Organizing Holiday Decor

December 30, 2022

Decorating for the holidays should be fun and festive – not stressful! Whether you are the kind of person that has a vast collection (including Valentine’s Day decor!), or you are more of a minimalist (with just a couple of Hanukkah or Christmas decorations), organizing your holiday decor will help you to enjoy the holidays more. Here are some professional tips for organizing holiday decor.

Declutter and Let Go

As you unpack for each season that you decorate for, evaluate all holiday items and toss any broken items that can’t be easily repaired or have lost their color. Donate items that you have not used in several years. Give yourself permission to let go, especially if you enjoy adding to your collection each year. Limit your collection by the amount of space you have. Bins – or your choice of container – are great boundaries for helping you to declutter your holiday collection. If you enjoy adding to your collection, then you will need to let items go in order to be able to keep all the items stored in the container(s) of your choice.

Tips for Storing Decor

Use uniform plastic storage bins to protect decorations that can be easily stacked for maximum storage.We really like to use these Clear Storage Boxes with the variety of optional sizes.These standard Large Tote Boxes are also a great option when it comes to storing holiday decor. Holiday storage boxes can be purchased at most home-improvement stores and are usually discounted at the end of the season. Store items together according to each holiday. It can be helpful if you store them near the area of your home they will decorate. Don’t forget to label each bin so that you are able to quickly find it the next time the holiday comes around and you are ready to decorate.

Fragile Holiday Decor

Storing ornaments or other small breakable items can be difficult. Ornament boxes like this Square Gift-Wrap and Ornament Storage Box with Handles is convenient for separating and protecting fragile ornaments. Egg cartons make excellent packaging for tiny, fragile figurines or ornaments. You can always run used tissue paper or wrapping paper through your shredder to use as padding as well. 

Label Decor for Easy Decorating

As you take down trimming, like Easter eggs, pumpkins, blowup figurines, garland, lights, wreaths, or mistletoe, tag each item using a marker and masking or painter’s tape, noting their exact hanging location. You’ll always know where each egg or pumpkin goes and what to hang on the front hall banister and which garland is just the right size for the living room mantel. Do this for lights as well. Wrap string lights around empty wrapping paper or paper towel tubes to keep them tangle-free or use this 3 Light Storage Spools with Case. Don’t forget to label its exact location so you are able to know where the strand goes next year.

Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths can be tricky to store but not if you have a system set up for them. Use clear trash bags to protect your holiday wreaths. After you’ve wrapped them in a bag, then hang them on a wall or from a hook in the ceiling to keep them from being crushed by other items in your storage area. This Elfa Utility Board is a great way to store your wreaths for all the different holidays throughout the year.

Wrapping Gifts

Gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, tags, bows, tape, scissors, and all the other items for wrapping are not just needed at Christmas time. Gifts are wrapped all year long for many other holidays including birthdays which fall all throughout the year. Setting up a wrapping station is most helpful in your home. This Elfa Gift Wrap Cart is a great way to make wrapping supplies accessible. But if you are short on space, this Long Gift-Wrapping Paper Storage with Handles is a great solution to go under beds or on a shelf in a closet as well. For more on organizing wrapping supplies, here is a great article on wrapping paper storage solutions

What is your favorite holiday to decorate for and do you have any tips for organizing holiday decor? Let us know in our Abundance Declutter Facebook Group!