Organize Toys for Barbie Day!

March 22, 2024

Did you know that March 9th was National Barbie Day? Considering Barbie’s recent sweep of Oscar nominations, there’s never been a better time to celebrate! The iconic doll is a mutual friend of moms, dads, and professional organizers alike—we spend days sorting through her accessories, picking out the right storage bins to fit all of her friends, and finding the most stylish ways to show off her cars and homes on bedroom shelves. In a lot of ways, Barbie is a perfect poster child for just how complicated toy organization can be. So, in memory of 65 years of magic, we’ve brought together our best tips for keeping any playroom under control. Let’s organize toys for Barbie Day!

Tip #1: Categorize (with Kids in Mind!)

Toy categorization can appear simple—just sort by common sense categories and toy brands, right? A playroom with all board games together on one shelf, all toy cars and racetracks in one bin, and all Paw Patrol playsets in one basket is simple to arrange and a delight to the eyes. This type of system makes perfect sense to us adults. Depending on the child, it may be the right solution.

But that’s just the trouble (and joy) of kids: they’re all unique. In a lot of ways, they’re even more particular than us grown-ups! This is truest when it comes to their playtime. After all, it’s the one place where they reign supreme. To build a toy organization system that will last, it’s important to follow your child’s lead. Work with them to develop a system that makes sense given the way they like to play, and you’re much more likely to find toys in bins instead of on the floor!

Luckily, no one knows a kid’s play habits better than their parents. Use your insider knowledge to guide your categorizing. If your child insists that their Kelly doll and a particular Hot Wheels car are best friends, roll with it! There’s a 100% chance that car will just end up back with the Barbies again no matter how many times you chuck it into the racetrack bin.

Tip #2 Get Creative with Containers

Toys are a little tricky to find the right storage solutions for: they’re irregularly sized, constantly used, and follow kids wherever they go. But keeping them in order isn’t impossible! 

It’s a good idea to place bins strategically throughout the house. Identify the spaces where your kids spend the majority of their time and plan storage solutions to match the toys or crafts they use in that area. If your children have certain toys or supplies that they prefer to carry with them or often move from place to place, get them a play bag. Make sure the bag has a home in each play space where it can hang up or be tucked away.

The right storage solution will vary based on your child’s toys and playstyle. We’ve listed our favorites below, but don’t be afraid to get creative! Laundry bins and over-the-door organizers are good examples of non-toy storage solutions that can work great with all kinds of kids’ items. Experiment and find what works best for you.

Cute Storage

Modular Storage

Open Storage

Outdoor/Big Toy Storage

Tip #3: Turn Put Away into Play!

All your hard work will have very little payoff if you don’t get your kids on board. When cleanup feels like a chore, getting them to stick with it is a constant battle. So make it easier for everyone: turn cleanup into just another part of playtime!

The options are endless. Encourage kids to wrap up make-believe sessions by hanging up their dress-up clothes in their “royal closet” or tucking dolls back into bed. If you have more than one child or they often have friends over, turn putting toys away into a fun race with medals and prizes. Make the bin for toy cars the “station” they all have to drive back to at the end of the night (dressing the bin up to look like a building can be a fun craft project, too!).

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, just spend some chill time with your kids while they play. Take your cues from their vivid imaginations. Constant playtime is a big reason why kids seem to be so much more creative than most adults; join in, and you’ll find crazy ideas much easier to come by!

How does your child like to play? What fun solutions have you invented for their toys? Let us know over at our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook!