It’s Get Organized Month!

January 7, 2023

Do you want to be organized this year? Believe it or not, this involves planning and small conscious decisions-not drastic changes. Taking the time now, during the month of January, to plan how you are going to get and stay organized will make all the difference in the world and set you up for a successful year. Here is a month by month guide to follow to help you plan and prepare to have an organized year.

JANUARY: Time to get organized. It’s Get Organized Month!

Take this month to plan out how you are going to get and stay organized. If you do not already have a calendar, here are some tips on choosing your calendar for 2023. To begin with, go through the rest of this blog and add each task from this monthly list to your calendar. Whether you use a digital or paper calendar, plug it into your calendar so that you remember to focus on it during the month. You can plan ahead this month and either purchase or plan for the purchase of any supplies that you will need for each month’s task. Keep this blog handy so that you can easily reference it throughout the year. Take the time this month to read through this blog, think through the monthly tasks in this blog, and plan how you are going to get and stay organized.

FEBRUARY: Prepare tax documents for tax season. 

For the month of February, focus on organizing your taxes. You may find that organizing your files is something that is needed for tax season. A well organized filing system definitely helps with finding and maintaining the documents needed for preparing tax documents. Paper clutter can be quite the reoccurring battle and after you have all your tax documents ready, you may find yourself inspired to do an overflow on all your documents and establish a routine for your paperwork. Having the entire month to work on this makes it less overwhelming. It is already on your calendar thanks to the planning during the month of January so you will feel inspired and feel equipped to take on the challenge. Don’t forget about our Abundance Declutter Group on facebook where you can get great support for this month’s task.

 MARCH: Get ready for some Spring cleaning!

Start off with creating a plan and identify areas of your home that you want to tackle. What areas need the most work? Are you going to need help? What items can you quickly identify that you know you want to donate, consign or toss? Start making a list. Focus on the larger items like mattresses, furniture, TVs and collections or large quantities of items like closets full of linens, or outgrown toys. Here is a great blog post with some Spring cleaning reminders of places we can tend to forget. There are always a couple places that can make your home look more cluttered than it actually is. Maybe the bathroom is one of those areas for you or maybe it is your junk drawer? Whatever you choose to focus on this month, you know you are in for a good time! If you have kids, it’s always a bonus to get them involved with Spring cleaning, too.

APRIL: Wardrobe swap out.

Seasonal clothing swaps ideally happen in the spring and in the fall. This trade out of clothes creates space for the clothes that will be worn the most in that season. Here are ten steps to follow to do your seasonal clothing swap. We work with a lot of our clients on their closets. The majority of people only wear 20% of what is in their closets. We have a list compiled of Donation Centers and Consignment Stores in Central Virginia and inCharlottesville. Fashion sustainability helps the environment and saves money. You can be a more conscious and prepared shopper by following these guidelines

MAY: Take care of yourself this month. You deserve it!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. So many of our clients have come to us thinking they are probably the most unorganized client we have ever worked with on a job. That could not be farther from the truth. Instead we see very brave, commendable, and strong individuals! You need to be respected and valued, know that you are not alone, hear that you are brave and strong, and feel  connected and understood.⁠ We want you to be able to feel the weight lifted with an organized space and given the tools to help you stay organized. If you struggle with anxiety or depressionwe are so bold as to say that organizing your spaces that feel out of control can have such a positive effect! It really does help! You know where to find us and here is NAPO’s Pro Directory if you are in another state so you can find a professional near you. 

JUNE: Start prepping for summer travel.

This month focus on preparing to travel. We want you to have a great time and relax. Our best advice… start planning now. Don’t rush the packing and home preparation process. Planning ahead will make your trip more relaxing, more enjoyable and you’ll come home to less work. You’ll be able to ease back into the daily grind upon your return and make sure that you are unpacked after your trip. Additionally, you don’t want the nagging feeling that you forgot something to keep you from enjoying your time away. Use our “Before You Go On Vacation Checklist” to help you with all the things you need to prepare before you go. Print it out or use it on your device. Traveling with kids is in and of itself something to prepare for. We have lots of tips for you in this blogpost on packing tips for traveling with kids

JULY: It’s move season. Did you know we can help you with your move?

Moving to a new home will always feel a little stressful. But, the moving process itself doesn’t have to be chaotic or overwhelming. If you are in the season of downsizing, a lot of change is happening in your life. Downsizing in phases will help to reduce stress as you prepare for the big move. Organizing the move is key to reducing stress and making the transition more seamless. Our team of organizers and senior move managers use this framework every time we pack and plan moves for our clients. This keep us and our clients organized and feeling in control. Planning ahead also helps save you money.  If you know you are going to be moving this summer, it is never too early to start planning and preparing. We would love to help you!

AUGUST: Back to school.

August is time to prepare for going back to school! Getting back into the swing of things for the school year can be quite difficult. To help ease the stress, building back to school routines will help everyone. Whether you have little kids and are helping them organize their backpacks, or older kids and are helping them prepare for college, planning ahead is key for a successful and peaceful school year. Take the time now to establish a homework station, organize a launch pad, and prepare for sports and all the gear that comes with playing a sport. If you have not tackled the playroom in a while, do that before the fullness of the school year begin and decide what your lunch process will be for the school year.

SEPTEMBER: It’s National Preparedness Month.

September is National Preparedness Month. Basically an entire month dedicated to preparing in case you encounter any sort of disaster – from a stubbed toe to an earthquake.  Check smoke detectors, insurance policies, and emergency bags in your cars. Do you have an emergency preparedness plan, emergency equipment/food, or safety equipment like a ladder for the second floor bedrooms? This is the month to think through and prepare. Check your first aid supplies and make sure they are neatly organized and ready to go. Also, keeping some batteries on hand is always a good idea. Here are some tips for storing batteries . When September comes around, you can be sure that we will be discussing this topic in our Facebook group!

OCTOBER: ADHD Awareness Month.

October is ADHD awareness month. Here is a great blogpost on ADHD and organizing and how to work with your ADHD  – and not against it – to organize your life. Knowing ADHD symptoms will help you to understand why getting organized and staying organized – or just completing the task of laundry – is so difficult. Time management, being productive, and staying focused are some of the challenges one with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder faces. Whether you are trying to keep ADHD kids organized or are walking through the complicated relationship that menopause and ADHD share, here are some solutions for ADHD challenges.

NOVEMBER: Get organized for the Holidays.

Here are some tips for prepping for the holidays that we have put together to help guide you during this full season. Whether it is picking a couple areas in your home to organize, getting your entertaining essentials ready, cleaning out your pantry, putting these Thanksgiving hacks into practice, organizing your kitchen, preparing the guest room, setting up a wrapping station, or organizing your holiday decor, we have you covered. If you have kids, don’t forget about them either – those toys can add up fast. Prepare your kids for the holidays with these organizing tips. Holidays do not have to be stressful and overly busy! These tips, planning and preparation, will help you to stay organized.

DECEMBER: Give clutter-free.

Classes, lessons, gift of the month clubs, subscriptions, and gift cards are great ways to give gifts that do not create clutter. Activities and experiences promote spending time together and create exciting and loving memories. Consumables are also great ways to rethink gift-giving. Here is a great blog post with some wonderful ideas of ways to give clutter-free and eco-friendly gifts. This can be quite an adjustment though, and this blog post, Generational clutter – What it is and How to stop it , may be helpful to you as you approach the holidays. Don’t forget to share your favorite clutter-free gifts to give and receive in our Abundance Declutter Group on facebook.