Get Organized With Our Furry Superhero!

March 12, 2021

Abundance Organizing is made up of a team of animal lovers. All of us have pets of our own. We speak about our pets as if they are just another family member. We are all aware of the benefits of having a pet because we experience first-hand the joy that they bring to us. None of us need science to tell us animals help reduce stress and anxiety. We know from personal experience that they do!

The Benefits of Using Therapy Animals

According to UCLA Health, there are many mental and physical health benefits a therapy pet can offer. Did you know a therapy pet can increase mental stimulation and assist in the recall of memories and help sequence temporal events in patients with head injuries or chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease? The simple act of petting an animal releases certain hormones that improve mood and increase relaxation. Animal-assisted therapy lowers blood pressure, reduces physical pain, helps children improve reading skills through reading programs with pets, and helps individuals with autism engage more socially. Therapy pets are little furry superheroes!

A therapy dog is not a service dog.  A service dog provides specific support to someone with special needs. They are also not an emotional support animal which requires no major training just a prescription from a health care professional. Therapy dog training entails a series of tests performed by the animal with its owner. They must pass tests like not reacting to a person riding by in a wheelchair, walking toward another animal, and not getting distracted. Jumping is also a big no-no.

Mindy has experience in therapy dog work. She had a dog named Jake whom she trained to become a therapy dog several years ago. Sadly, Jake passed away in 2017. Mindy knew her dog Obie had the potential to follow in Jake’s footsteps. Since our clients call on us during stressful events in their lives, especially our senior clients who need help downsizing and moving, it only seemed fitting for us to add Obie to our team.

Request Obie For a Visit During a Session

We encourage you to ask for a visit from Obie during a session. This is especially a good idea if you feel it may help ease the stress or anxiety you are feeling. The process of requesting a visit is pretty straightforward. Just ask Courtney when you have your intake call or Cathy when you have your initial consultation and they will be able to check Obie and Mindy’s schedules. Depending on Obie and Mindy’s availability, a visit will be scheduled during your job time and your Project Manager will be able to keep you in the loop. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a visit with Obie when you chat with Courtney or Cathy!

We hope you get to meet Obie. He truly is a big ham!