organized closet with hanging dresses

In Every Closet, There’s A Story

March 13, 2017

This recent article about an organized closet being displayed at the Met has me thinking a lot. Can an organized closet be captivating enough that others will want to see it in a museum? I am not sure of the answer, but I do know that this concept could be helpful to our clients.

Under every bed, in every drawer, and inside every garage there is a story. We find craft items like small fluffy chicks made with pom poms and googly eyes.  Hundreds of music CD’s. Dresses from the 1970’s with stains and torn hems. Old lipstick in shades of bright pink. Books covered in dust and piled high. Old pieces of paper with handwritten reminders and phone numbers. As I uncover items like this when I am organizing I begin to form questions in my head. Who made these silly chicks with googly eyes? I wonder how often this music CD was played? What is the stain on the front of this dress? etc.

So why would this be helpful to our clients? It brings to the surface one simple question that can really help when downsizing, decluttering and letting go. That question is, “What if your closet was going on display in a museum?” I think about my own closet and if the world saw it. It doesn’t represent me well and it doesn’t showcase things that truly are meaningful and important to me. It doesn’t clearly portray my story. So how can anyone make sure their closet, pantry, garage, etc. tells their story in the most succinct way?

Purge and simplify. Think of the spaces in your home as a chapter in your book. Who (or what) is the main character? Are their villains in your story that need to go? What is the main idea you are trying to portray to your readers (or guests)? Do you see where I am going with this?