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Abundance Organizing answers questions about estate sales and downsizing on HearSay with Cathy Lewis

June 1, 2017

What do you do with all the things left behind when you’ve lost a loved one? Are estate sales the way to go? The large furniture pieces, dishes, decor, clothing and everything else won’t fit in your home. Your home is already full. How will you know what an item is worth? How are you going to get rid of all these precious items gathered  over a lifetime? How can you begin downsizing now?

These are questions we face if we have parents who are aging. The health of our aging loved ones is beginning to diminish and/or they are moving to assisted living or retirement homes. Transitioning an aging loved one is hard enough. What do you do with all the stuff?

Cathy Lewis of HearSay on WHRV 89.5 NPR asked Mindy Godding lots of questions about estate sales and downsizing this week. Callers shared their stories of challenges they faced with their aging loved ones. It quickly becomes clear throughout the radio show that this topic is on the minds of many listeners.

If you foresee that you will be tasked with managing an elders estate or you are currently picking up the pieces after losing a loved one, listen to this podcast. This one hour show may save you from banging your head against the wall.

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