Entrepreneur of the Year!

June 1, 2022

Congratulations to our very own Mindy Godding for winning the NAWBO Richmond Entrepreneur of the Year! This is a huge honor to win this award from The National Association of Women Business Owners, a community of such wonderful and hardworking women. NAWBO is the unified voice of over 11.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States. Mindy is the first to tell you that she is beyond grateful for our wonderful team and lovely clients who helped make this possible. So true! But we also just want to take advantage of this moment to chat a bit about how incredibly proud we are of Mindy! Here’s just a bit more about NAWBO and all that went into Mindy receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year award: 

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If you haven’t already checked out the National Association of Women Business Owners, you definitely should! NAWBO is the country’s premier women’s business organization and is currently the only dues-based organization that represents the interests of women entrepreneurs. You can see on this  map that NAWBO has quite a national presence. Here are a couple more facts about NAWBO taken from the Richmond chapter’s website:

  • Founded in 1975, NAWBO is the unified voice of over 11.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States representing the fastest growing segment of the economy.
  • NAWBO is a one-stop resource, propelling women business owners into greater economic, social, and political spheres of power worldwide. 
  • Respected with elected officials in Washington, D.C. and state capitals across the country, recognized in the media as a thought leader on women’s business issues, joined with corporate partners and other non-profit organizations who share our mission and expand our influence, NAWBO is the country’s premier women’s business organization.


So let’s chat about what went into receiving this award! Mindy was nominated by Susie Hayman, past NAPO president, who has closely worked with Mindy for more than 15 years. Here is some of the criteria upon which the nominees were evaluated:

  • Nominees must be a current for-profit business owner located in Virginia that is actively involved in the daily operations of running her business, have a minimum of five consecutive years in business, and be able to supply documentation that proves strong financial performance during that time. 
  • Nominees must be able to demonstrate success in leading a business and excellence in facing challenges, maximizing opportunities, and achieving goals. 
  • Nominees must show how she supported other women business owners during the 2020 year (i.e. Leadership, Mentorship, Volunteerism, etc.), be perceived by the public in her community as a leader, and have a personal commitment to community involvement.


Below is a snippet from Mindy’s nomination letter written by Susie Hayman. You can see how her actions align with the award criteria. Mindy is definitely a leader and a woman of excellence!

“…For over a decade, Mindy has worked to elevate the credibility of the organizing and productivity profession through leadership, innovative thinking, and collaboration. As a volunteer leader and Board Member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), Mindy continuously strives to push the industry forward. She is not only a big-picture, strategic thinker; Mindy gets things done. 

As a leader of NAPO and a mentor to many, Mindy’s true talent is inspiring other women to perform at their best, whether newbie, veteran, solopreneur or owner of a multi-person business. Through her various roles as mentor, educator, volunteer and employer, she has displayed a passion for developing people to their highest potential…”


All finalist nominees for the Entrepreneur of the Year award had to submit a video articulating how they had overcome obstacles and responded to adversity on their journey to success. Click here to watch Mindy’s video! You will hear about her entrepreneurial success and innovation in business-especially during these crazy last couple years.

Make sure to drop Mindy some love – on IG or in our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook – and congratulate her on this incredible accomplishment of receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year award from NAWBO Richmond. We sure are proud of her!