Eco-Friendly Organizing Products

April 29, 2022

The right organizing product can make all the difference in the world. Seriously – all the difference in the world. You can  minimize your carbon footprint by choosing an eco-friendly product or reusing what you already have. While we do use plastic products at Abundance Organizing, we make an effort to incorporate sustainable organizing products. In fact, we have even made a promise to use less than 25% plastic by 2025. Here are ten of our most favorite eco-friendly organizing products sourced from bamboo, glass, and wood:

Bamboo Drawer Organizers

Spice Jars

  • The beauty of a spice cabinet or drawer with uniform glass jars is that the jars are all the same size and there is not a mismatch of containers of different shapes, colors, and sizes. 
  • Having uniform glass jars also allows you to buy fresh and bulk spices so that you can leave the extra plastic out of your home.
  • While decanting spices is a little bit of work, we definitely think the reward outweighs the time investment. Here are tips for organizing your spices.
  • Product Link: Spice Jars

Water Hyacinth Storage Bins

  • The uniformity that comes from using these eco-friendly baskets makes any area aesthetically pleasing. You can tell from our photos on Instagram that we especially love using these baskets when organizing the pantry
  • We love using these baskets, made from renewable resources, just about anywhere and in any closet
  • Product Link: Water Hyacinth Storage Bins

Stockholm Magazine Holders

  • Made from 70% post-consumer recycled paperboard, these magazine folders are great for keeping craft supplies, spray paint cans, and documents organized and accessible. 
  • They are 100% recyclable with many different colors to choose from and a great organizing product to help you with organizing your documents.
  • Product Link: Stockholm Magazine Holders

Glass Jars

  • These glass jars with their acacia wood lids are a great and decorative way to store food. 
  • Made from borosilicate glass, these glass jars are airtight and stackable – making them a great addition to any pantry. 
  • Product Link: Wondrwood Glass Jars

Wooden All-Purpose Bins

  • These beautiful and sustainable storage bins are perfect for the pantry, bathroom, linen closet, and just about anywhere else!
  • Made from responsibly sourced Paulownia hardwood, they are super durable yet lightweight which makes them perfect for storing baking supplies that go in and out of your pantry routinely.
  • Product Links: Wooden All-Purpose Bins  

Bamboo Drawer Organizers

  • These bamboo drawer organizers work beautifully to containerize everything from utensils in your flatware drawer to items in your junk drawer.
  • These bamboo drawer organizers are also stackable which make them very versatile.
  • Organizer Tip: Don’t forget to measure the drawer itself before purchasing the containers-this will ensure that you purchase the correct amount of containers and that all your containers fit.
  • Product Link:  Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers 


  • These turntables are not only made with an easily renewable resource, but they are very versatile for containerizing items like oils and condiments, skincare products, or craft paint.
  • We especially love it when we get to use a turntable with removable dividers to store snacks or drawing utensils. All the items are visible and easily accessible.
  • Product Links: Turntable with Dividers, Small Turntable (9”) 

Glass Canisters

  • These glass canisters with bamboo lids come in small, medium, and large sizes which make them very accommodating. 
  • While they are safe for food storage, these glass canisters are especially beautiful for displaying collections. Here is a great photo for an idea on how to display collections.
  • Trinity is a great company. In addition to their environmentally-friendly organizing products, a tree is planted for every purchase. 
  • Product Link: Trinity Canisters

Wooden Open-Front Bins

  • Made from Paulownia hardwood, these open-front bins are super durable and have easy access to the front of the container. 
  • These open-front bins are also stackable, so they are perfect to help utilize vertical space in the pantry, craft room, toy room, and under the sink.
  • Product Link: Wooden Open-Front Bins

Do you have a favorite eco-friendly organizing product? Let us know and check out our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook and our blog for more resources. We’re committed to teaching our clients how to increase sustainability within their households, and to enhancing our own business practices with a mindful eye on prioritizing the planet. Using sustainable organizing products is one way we can protect and preserve this planet together.