Eco-Friendly and Green Cleaning

March 10, 2022

At Abundance Organizing we are an eco-friendly company with a promise to use less than 25% plastic by 2025. We are committed to offering eco-friendly organizing solutions and products and to teaching our clients how to increase sustainability within their households, and enhance our own business practices with a mindful eye on prioritizing the planet. Using natural  cleaning products and teaching our clients to do the same is one way we can practically do this. Conventional cleaning products can be so very damaging. Green cleaning products  do not add to the air or water pollution and are made with natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients. Here are 8 great eco-friendly and green cleaning alternatives that our team members love:


  • Blueland offers biodegradable, nontoxic, and green formulas for home cleaning, dish, laundry, and hand soap products. 
  • Choose from a collection of starter kits and then continue using the same containers with tablet and powder refills. 
  • Blueland has been carbon neutral since 2020 and Climate Neutral Certified since 2021. 
  • Click here for more on Blueland.

Grove Collaborative

  • Every green product you could possibly want to clean your home delivered to your door with carbon neutral shipping.
  • Products offered include the Grove Collaborative Label as well as many other natural products such as Mrs. Meyers, Method, and Seventh Generation.
  • Grove Collaborative is a Certified B Corp, plastic neutral company that uses sustainable materials and reusable packaging.
  • Click here for more on Grove Collaborative.


  • ECOS offers products for laundry, dish washing, hand soap, cleaners and disinfectants, baby care, pet care, and tree free paper. 
  • Carbon neutral since 2013, achieved TRUE Platinum Zero Waste certification since 2015, and have been water neutral since 2016.
  • Practically minimize carbon emissions from shipping by strategically building four U.S. factories across the country. 
  • Click here for more on ECOS.

Earth Breeze

  • Earth Breeze offers laundry detergent in the form of liquid-less eco sheets and cloth paper towel replacements. 
  • Giving back is important to Earth Breeze and for every package purchased, 10 loads of detergent are donated to nonprofits and charitable organizations.
  • Cruelty free and vegan, a proud member of 1% For The Planet, and is carbon neutral. 
  • Click here for more on Earth Breeze.


  • Norwex Microfiber offers all you need to clean your entire household in the form of a little cloth.
  • Instead of harmful chemicals, Norwex’s products use microfiber and enzymes to create safe havens. 
  • Norwex’s global mission is to improve the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in the home.
  • Click here for more on Norwex.


  • E-Cloth products allow you to clean your home with just a microfiber cloth and water. 
  • Great alternative to Norwex if you prefer purchasing your product at the store or online.
  • Eco-friendly alternative that allows you to simplify your cleaning products and eliminate toxic chemicals.
  • Click here for more on E-Cloth.

Young Living

  • Thieves Household Cleaner does not use any harsh chemicals or take synthetic shortcuts but is instead made of naturally derived and plant based ingredients.
  • Infused with Young Living’s signature Thieves premium essential oil blend.
  • Certified cruelty free and non GMO ingredients.
  • Click here for more on Young Living.

DIY Cleaning Options

  • We have a couple team members who love making their own cleaning products. 
  • This can be a great alternative to the Young Living option if you love the idea of cleaning with essential oils but prefer to make your own cleaning products.
  • You will be surprised at how simple, green, and sustainable it is to make your own natural cleaning products.
  • Here are some great DIY ideas from The Prairie Homestead, Good Housekeeping , The Spruce , and The Pioneer Woman

Have you checked out the Think Dirty app or EWG website? They are great resources to review any of your cleaning products and to learn more about eco-friendly and green cleaning products.

If you find yourself using a majority of conventional cleaning products, making many changes to natural products can be overwhelming. We get it. But we DO challenge you to make at least one change to your cleaning products – and swap in a green product. Check out our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook for more and to share your favorite eco-friendly and green cleaning product. We would also love to hear the green swap you plan to make.