Downsizing with an Abundance Mindset

March 23, 2023

Mindy Godding of Abundance Organizing joined Karen Coyne on her podcast, Money Without Math. In this episode, Downsizing with an Abundance Mindset, Mindy and Karen discuss many topics related to decluttering and downsizing with an abundance mindset including the generational differences in how we relate to our possessions, the reason why we all have so much stuff, organizing with kids, and the truth surrounding finding your true abundance. True wealth and true riches are defined not by zeros, but by the quality of your life, relationships, and passions.

A quick peek at some of the topics discussed:

    • Your stuff doesn’t define you: Finding your true abundance has more to do with the quality of your life than the stuff that you have in your space.
    • Kids can declutter, too: Children know more than we give them credit for and they probably already know the stuff they have outgrown or no longer enjoy. Helping kids build a decluttering mindset is such a valuable skill.
    • Recognize your scripts: Do you find yourself saying, “I might need it one day”, “but this was a gift”, “I could use this if I just repair it”, and other such sayings? These are avoidance scripts and it is important to have the insight to realize when you are saying this and helpful to have an elevated level of accountability in these moments. 
    • Past and the future: Stuff from the past that defined who we were, such as old textbooks or clothes that don’t fit, and stuff from the future that represent the person we want to be, such as unused cookbooks or craft supplies, squeeze out the present and make our surroundings too cluttered for us to be able to find our keys in the morning.
    • Accept the gift: When helping family with downsizing, graciously accept what they give you to help them with letting items go.
    • Don’t be embarrassed to call in a professional: It can be difficult to reach out when you are struggling, but as professional organizers, we want to meet you where you are at and help you to get to where you want to be.

A helpful listen if you are learning to let stuff go:

Whether you are preparing to move to a smaller home, or helping your aging parents or family members, downsizing and letting items go can be very difficult. All the items that fill a life come with memories and emotions. It is vital to tap into the emotional aspect of downsizing and give it the space it needs. Downsizing is an emotional move more than anything else. It is an emotional journey to learn that finding your true abundance has more to do with the quality of your life than the stuff that you have in your space.  It is important to learn to let go of stuff and in turn pass this mindset onto future generations. This podcast interview is a most helpful and inspiring episode. Give it a listen and consider subscribing to Karen Coyne’s podcast, Money without Math. It’s a podcast that’s both informative and entertaining!

Links to podcast:

Spotify: Downsizing with an Abundance Mindset.

Youtube playlist: Downsizing with an Abundance Mindset