Downsizing Dilemmas in the Crozet Gazette

March 30, 2023

Are you preparing to downsize or declutter, in the midst of this, or helping loved ones with this process? Our Mindy Godding spoke at the Lodge at Old Trail’s annual downsizing workshop with tips and advice on downsizing, moving, and selling your home. This downsizing workshop was featured in the following brief, Business Briefs: March 2023, with the Crozet Gazette. Here are a couple points covered in the workshop as Abundance Organizing discussed downsizing dilemmas in the Crozet Gazette: 

  • Downsizing and the discussion around decluttering is not just a conversations about sorting through stuff, it is an emotional topic.
  • Keeping stuff that you do not need actually costs you.
  • Decluttering is not just about getting rid of stuff, but about keeping clutter from taking away from  “…the beauty, comfort and efficiency of your home” (Crozet Gazette).

If you have any follow-up questions or thoughts that come from reading this brief or other questions from reading Experts Discuss Downsizing Dilemmas in the Crozet Gazette, let us know in our Abundance Declutter Group. We also have some great resources for you on our blog about Downsizing in Phases to Reduce Stress. If listening is your preference, check out Downsizing with an Abundance Mindset, a recent podcast which has some helpful advice for downsizing dilemmas. \


Link below to read full brief in the Crozet Gazette: 

Business Briefs: March 2023