Deck the Halls with Abundance

October 6, 2023

October has crept its way back around again, and we all know what that means: the holidays are on the horizon. For most of us that thought probably comes with equal parts excitement and dread. Time to crack into attics, remember how to string a tree, clear out guest rooms for visiting family…where did we put our good gift wrap, again? The more we attack the list of to-do’s, the longer it seems to grow.

The good news is that no one has to face the task alone. For those experiencing overwhelm, having a hard time getting started, or just wishing there was another way, Abundance Organizing has you covered. We’re proud to roll out our first holiday season package:

Deck the Halls with Abundance

The bundle may be new, but we’ve been doing the work for years. Organizing ornament collections, arranging Christmas villages, turning crowded basements into holiday storehouses–you name it, our team has done it. Deck the Halls with Abundance allows you to select the specific services that meet your household’s unique needs…and even offers a discount for early birds. Choose any combination from the four services below:

  • Pre-Holiday Purge
  • Decorating
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Post-Holiday Organizing and Put-Away

All it takes is a call to our schedulers, an assessment to nail down the game plan, and before you know it our team will be on site to take the stress out of the season. Not sure if our services are the right fit for you? Read on to learn more about what Deck the Halls with Abundance has to offer!

Pre-Holiday Purge

Holiday items have a way of multiplying in dark corners. Lights piling up in the garage and attic, gifted ornaments set aside for an “eventual” trip to proper storage, restock wrapping paper tucked away in coat closets…it’s hard to keep track when you only see everything once a year!

That’s why pre-decorating is the perfect time to finally do that Holiday Supply Census. And when the population of goodies has swollen beyond what feels manageable, Abundance is ready to help. 

Our team starts every job by pulling out all relevant items and sorting them by category. Depending on volume, we may process one storage area at a time (for example: garage on day one, attic on day two). Once we have everything gathered and organized, it’s a simple matter of walking through with your team lead and choosing what you want to keep. We’ll help toss old or broken items, help donate what’s unused or unwanted, and everything that stays will be conveniently grouped together. No more digging through piles of string lights to see which ones still work!

As a client, this is where communication with your account manager and team lead is key. If there’s a crate of window candles in the back of the utility closet that hasn’t been touched in years, let us know! It might be handy to start a list of holiday items and their locations a few days ahead of your assessment. Give yourself time to remember all the odds and ends. That way, the team can make sure nothing slips through the net.

You’ll find that decorating is a breeze once you only have what you need. Or, if that task is also looming large…


Ah, the double-edged sword of decorating. As much as we love seeing our homes transform for the season, it takes real, physical work to pull everything out of storage, much less make room for decorations in an already-busy household. And how do we always forget how long it takes to unwrap just one box of figurines?

The Abundance team has spent years helping dozens of families skip the labor so they have more time to enjoy the beauty. As an organizer, there are few jobs more joyful and privileged than helping a household prepare for the holidays. There is something special about the trust clients give us at this time of year. The ornaments that we hang are heirlooms. The dishes we lay out have seen generations of family gatherings. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.

As simple as the service seems, we adapt to every home. Some clients have a specific spot for every single Santa statue. Others wave at supply bins labeled by room and just say, “Make it look good!” What matters is the result. If the client is happy, so are we.

Gift Wrapping

For most of us, the onset of gift-giving season means losing a corner of our home to a spread of scrap paper, loose tags and Scotch tape. Wrapping is the task that never seems to end. The bigger the family, the heavier the load.

Very little explanation is needed here. Is your stack of presents getting high enough to be intimidating? We’ll take care of it! For several members of our team, it’s actually one of our favorite kinds of jobs. The race to be the most efficient can even get competitive. That’s type A brains for you!

Post-Holiday Organizing and Put-Away

Take-down and put-away services can look very different depending on the client and their needs. For those who already have clearly labeled storage bins and designated shelves in the attic, it’s a simple matter of undoing what we did while decorating. For others, this is the part where professional organizing can really change their lives. 

We’ve talked about holiday storage tips before. But if your household’s inventory has gone years without a proper overhaul, simple tips and common sense might not be enough to bring it back under control. Luckily, put-away time is the perfect opportunity to let a team of organizers loose on a chaotic storage space–especially if we’ve already helped thin the herd with a Pre-Holiday Purge!

We’ll work with you to identify your storage limits, maximize the space you have, and develop a system that makes pulling items for future holidays a breeze. No more digging through multiple closets every year in search of the right decor or wondering whether you have spare gift tags floating around. With a good structure in place, you’ll always know exactly where everything is. More importantly, holiday supplies will finally be well out of the way of your year-round storage needs. Coat closets can actually be used for coats again.

Get a head start on the holidays with Abundance!

Take advantage of the Deck the Halls with Abundance special and call before October 15th for your FREE assessment! We can’t wait to help you turn holiday stress into holiday success. Eager to get started? Head over to the Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook to see how our community is swinging into the season.