COVID-19 – Your Safety is Important to Us

March 12, 2020

In case COVID-19 becomes more widespread throughout Central Virginia, we are preparing to take steps to protect our clients and staff. Fortunately, many of our current safety policies provide appropriate protection. However, we will continue to follow suggestions from the CDC. We have also discussed strategies with colleagues across North America from NASMM and NAPO. If you have questions or concerns about these precautions please let us know.

1. Company meetings will be virtual.
2. Wearing gloves on jobs will be required. Company policy requires gloves and masks are always available to our team for protection against allergens that could trigger reactions.
3. Shaking hands or hugging will not be allowed.
4. Visits to senior communities that restrict access will be discontinued.
5. Current company policy requires team members have disinfecting wipes, gels, essential oils, etc. for their hands and to wipe surfaces as they work.
6. To avoid cross-contamination clothing will be laundered and shoes wiped between sessions.
7. Staff will be instructed to wash hands before/after meals, between sessions, during breaks, etc.
8. If feeling ill and/or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 all staff is required to inform us immediately.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and have an appointment with us please inform us immediately. If someone in your home has low or compromised immunity please let us know before we arrive for your session.

Thank you for your support. We will continue to monitor information reported by the CDC and will make any necessary updates to our safety protocol and update them here. Please stay well.