Spring Cleaning with Kids

Spring is here! There is so much to clean and declutter. But don’t do it alone! Spring cleaning with kids can be so much fun. They enjoy helping out and it’s such a great opportunity to teach them. Here are a couple tips for spring cleaning with kids: Turn Cleaning into a Game Chores do […]

Packing Tips for Traveling With Kids

Do you love to travel with kids, prefer not to travel with kids, or find yourself somewhere in between? There are so many things to do before you go on vacation. Oftentimes the “packing” process can be quite overwhelming. It definitely does not have to be! Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun […]

Custom Organizing Solution for Kids’ Gear

Organized kids toys/games on a shelf

Families with school-aged children will likely agree that keeping track of after-school sports and activities can be a real pain the neck. The activities change from day to day and season to season, and there is usually a uniform or equipment involved. While a family calendar helps keep us on track, it isn’t always enough. […]

Wow that kid is organized!

Child handwritten note that says "Give alway analmals"

I have been so excited to share a story with you all about a major organizing success for one of my clients.  Actually, let’s call it an organizing success for her whole family! During my first post-holiday visit to this client’s home, I saw a bag on a chair that appeared to be filled with […]