Stick the Landing with Your Spring Cleaning

We all head into spring with big intentions. Closets to redo, sheds to empty, kitchens to deep clean…the start is always so exciting! But what about when we inevitably lose steam in the middle? What about when random life events—a busy week at work, some emergency maintenance, an unexpected visit from a friend or family […]

Spring Cleaning with Teens

Okay…so maybe getting your teen to spring clean seems impossible, let alone getting your teen to clean at all. But everyone has to join in on the fun of spring cleaning. This is the time to go beyond  the routine chores such as tidying, dusting, and vacuuming, and go into deep cleaning. Here are a […]

Spring Cleaning the Garage or Shed

It’s definitely warming up here in Virginia. Depending on where you are reading this from, you may be experiencing warmer weather, too. This is the time we all start getting ready for the summer. This is a great time of year for spring cleaning the garage or shed. Garages and sheds can become the dumping […]

Spring Cleaning with Kids

Spring is here! There is so much to clean and declutter. But don’t do it alone! Spring cleaning with kids can be so much fun. They enjoy helping out and it’s such a great opportunity to teach them. Here are a couple tips for spring cleaning with kids: Turn Cleaning into a Game Chores do […]

Tips For Planning Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is right around the corner. If you are following along with our schedule in It’s Get Organized Month, you know it’s time for spring cleaning! It can be challenging to go through stuff and make decisions on what to keep, toss, or donate. Before you start, we have a few tips for planning your […]

Donate Responsibly

As an eco-friendly company with a promise to use less than 25% plastic by 2025, we seek to prioritize the planet in our own business practices and teach our clients to do the same. At Abundance Organizing, we are committed to offering eco-friendly organizing solutions and products and to teaching our clients how to increase […]

Seasonal Clothing Swap

Spring is here! With the change of seasons, comes warmer temperatures. This means that all your cold gear can take a “rest”- as Marie Kondo says. Now is the perfect time to swap out those heavy sweaters for springtime and summer pieces. Seasonal clothing swaps ideally happen in the spring and in the fall. This […]

Getting Kids Involved with Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! There is so much to clean and declutter. But don’t do it alone! Getting kids involved with spring cleaning can be so fun. They definitely will enjoy helping out and they will also learn a lot, too. Here are a couple ideas for getting kids involved with spring cleaning: Have a Fashion […]

Spring Cleaning Reminders-Places We Forget

ORganized drawer with cleaning products under sink

It is officially the month of March and daffodils are starting to bloom all over Virginia. Only seventeen more days until the First Day of Spring! This also means that spring cleaning is upon us. We recommend taking some time to make a plan before you begin your spring cleaning and organizing. As organizers you […]

Spring Cleaning – Plan the Purge

Woman wiping shelf clean

Spring is right around the corner. This also means it’s time for spring cleaning! It can be challenging to go through stuff and make decisions on what to keep, toss or donate. Before you start we recommend taking a few preliminary steps to make spring cleaning a lot less overwhelming. Create a Plan and Take […]

Spring Cleaning and Organizing… the Bathroom

organized makeup drawer

When it comes time for spring cleaning we immediately think about our garages, basements and attics. But what about our bathrooms? If your bathroom is anything like mine it gets filled with half used hair products, broken eye shadow cases, medicines, various body lotions and so much more. Because the bathroom is the most used space in the house why not consider a bathroom spring cleaning day!