10 Tips to Organize a Backpack

All the hustle and bustle of back to school brings with it the great task of keeping up with backpacks. But don’t stress…we have some ideas for you! Organizing kids’ backpacks will help create a smoother and more efficient routine for both you and your kids this school year. Here are 10 tips to organize […]

Creating a Drop Zone

Creating an organized and functional drop zone for kids’ back-to-school backpacks can help streamline your morning routines and keep things tidy. At Abundance Organizing we use the word launch pad when referring to a drop zone. Establishing a launch pad for your kids gives you that needed in-between place to house items needed when you […]

Back-to-School Supplies

Is it really time to go back to school? So much to do, get ready, and set into rhythm at the beginning of the new school year. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite back-to-school organizing supplies from The Container Store. Here are our top 10 favorite back-to-school supplies:  (1) BINS AND […]

Tips to Establish a Homework Station

When you imagine a homework station, what do you see? A desk with a chair? What if we told you that a homework station does not necessarily have to be that. Some children work best at the dining room table or laying down on the couch. It is important to take into consideration your child […]

Organizing Sports Equipment in the Launch Pad

Getting out the door can be quite an ordeal with kids! You may often find yourself scrambling to find a lost shoe, shoulder pads, cleats, or a tennis racket. What about when you return? Is there a great big pile of shoes that greets you and just keeps growing? A launch pad is a simple […]

What’s Your School Lunch Process?

Having a process in place for school lunches is a must. Mornings are too crazy and hectic not to have one! Don’t wait until the morning to make and pack a school lunch for your kids. We promise, it may seem like more work to come up with a plan, but it really will make […]

Tips for Organizing Kids’ Backpacks

Are you relishing these last few days of summer? We sure are at Abundance Organizing! But we are also looking forward to everything that comes with fall and the new school year. All the hustle and bustle brings with it the great task of keeping up with backpacks. Here are 10 tips for organizing kids’ […]

Building Back-to-School Routines

Can you believe the school year is about to start? Getting back into the swing of things for the school year can be quite difficult. Building in routines will help ease the stress for everyone. Children thrive on routine and then routine becomes habit. Building back-to-school morning, after school, and evening routines are the ticket […]

College Prep at The Container Store with Abundance Organizing

Are you excited for college, but overwhelmed by the thought of cramming your belongings into a dorm room? Are you struggling to come up with a vision for your new living space at school? Well, if that’s you, we’ve got you covered with our personal shopping and planning experience with a Certified Professional Organizer from […]

Back to Virtual School – Tips to Organize Your Home for Virtual Learning

Time timer sitting on a desk top calendar

Many of us are facing setting up our homes for the upcoming school year and virtual learning. You are not alone, and there are so many unknowns! For ideas and inspiration, we asked some of our own organizing mommas, Amanda, Becca, and Shawna, for some helpful tips. Amanda is the mother of a high school […]

How to Homeschool During a Pandemic – Advice from a Homeschool Parent

homeschool children in front of chalkboard holding paper with drawings

The transition between traditional school and homeschool can be difficult for all involved. There will be unusual emotions. Figuring out what makes your child sit up and say “wow” can take a while. So with this being a temporary situation, focus on the basics: math, language arts, and SAT vocabulary for high school students. The […]

Get Organized for Homework Success in Three Simple Steps

Piled art/school supplies on table

Homework is a source of stress for many households.  While the National PTA recommends no more than10 to 20 minutes per day per grade of homework, it isn’t unusual for students to spend whole evenings and weekends on it.  To make this big investment of time less stressful and more productive, we’ve put together a […]