Tips to Prepare Your Kids for the Holidays

There’s no time like the present to prepare your kids for the holidays! It’s time to get ready for all the gifts that will be coming in by making room and decluttering. We all get so overwhelmed throughout the year with the “stuff” in our homes. As professional organizers, we see the strain “stuff” puts […]

Five Spaces That Make Your Home Look More Cluttered Than it Actually is

Life at this time of year is usually very full…and then we add the holidays! You may look around your home, feel overwhelmed, and wish you had more time to get organized. We get it! But things might not be as bad as they seem. We have found that there are five areas that can […]

Setting up an Art Center

Coloring isn’t just for kids – it’s a great stress reliever for everyone! Some of our team members sure do love a good coloring sheet. In honor of National Coloring Day, on September 14th, we have an Abundance Organizing coloring sheet for you! Just print out the attached PDF above and let your imagination soar. […]

Tips for Organizing Books

Do you have piles of books that you would like to organize on your shelves? Or maybe you would like to practically be able to find the books you are looking for on a regular basis? Whatever your goals are, here are some tips for organizing books. Sorting Options There are a couple of different […]

Organizing a Playroom

Here are some tips on organizing a playroom from our organizing professionals. These come from success in their own homes as well as their clients’ homes! Depending on the age of your kids, you can decide to do this with or without them. Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin: kids actually […]

Tips for Organizing Outdoor Toys

Summertime is such a wonderful time of year for to spend outdoors. We know though that those outdoor toys can definitely get out of hand. Your patio, yard, mudroom, garage, or shed can become quite overrun. You definitely should be enjoying your summer, too – and not spending the whole time trying to corral, find, […]

Favorite Organizing Products for Kids

The right organizing product can make all the difference in the world – especially when it comes to organizing kids!⁠ Some products are just not worth even a glance, while others we literally cannot love enough. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are a couple of our favorite organizing products for kids.  PANTRY BINS […]