Downsizing with an Abundance Mindset

Mindy Godding of Abundance Organizing joined Karen Coyne on her podcast, Money Without Math. In this episode, Downsizing with an Abundance Mindset, Mindy and Karen discuss many topics related to decluttering and downsizing with an abundance mindset including the generational differences in how we relate to our possessions, the reason why we all have so […]

Generational Clutter – What it is and How to Stop it

Are you weighed down with clutter that has been passed on to you and are hoping to make changes to prevent this situation for future generations? The holidays are often spent with family and can provide opportunities for you to clarify these boundaries and encourage others to do the same. It is during these family […]

Getting Everyone to the Table: Discussions About Senior Living

Originally posted on Commonwealth Senior Living’s blog,  Mindy gives some pointers on why we often avoid initiating the conversations about a move to community living with our loved ones. She gives some helpful tips for approaching your loved one about your concerns and suggesting the idea of a move. Here’s Mindy’s blog post with insightful […]

Safe at Home: 10 Signs Mom and Dad Need Help

Holiday gatherings in the family home provide moments of connection and memory-making. This time spent in your parent’s environment can also tell you a lot about how they are able to function from day to day. A visit after several months away can give you a snapshot of how well your loved one is able […]