Showing Keepsakes Your Love

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve been thinking about one of the biggest ways our clients hold onto well-loved memories: their keepsakes. Sentimental items are some of the biggest hurdles people face when trying to reorganize and downsize. The key when it comes to keepsakes is a) knowing why we attach importance to items so that we […]

50 Items to Declutter Before You Move

Moving can be a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need or want. Scheduling time to declutter is very important to make sure that it happens in your move timeline. If you are able to let three or four items go from each category below, you will most assuredly […]

Downsizing Dilemmas in the Crozet Gazette

Are you preparing to downsize or declutter, in the midst of this, or helping loved ones with this process? Our Mindy Godding spoke at the Lodge at Old Trail’s annual downsizing workshop with tips and advice on downsizing, moving, and selling your home. This downsizing workshop was featured in the following brief, Business Briefs: March […]

Go Paperless!

It’s understandable that transitioning to a more digital lifestyle can be overwhelming. It may not fit everyone’s lifestyle. But for perspective, an average tree can make roughly 5,000-8,000 sheets of copy paper. If you still receive paper copies of any of your bills, think about the number of pages that make up those bills. If […]

2nd Annual Declutter Challenge

We are so very excited to announce Abundance Organizing’s 2nd Annual Declutter Challenge! Is getting organized a resolution for you in 2023? This 16 day Declutter Challenge will help you achieve that goal! Join us on Wednesday, February 1st to kick off our 2nd Annual Declutter Challenge. We’ve chosen 16 specific, contained areas for you […]

Tips to Prepare Your Kids for the Holidays

There’s no time like the present to prepare your kids for the holidays! It’s time to get ready for all the gifts that will be coming in by making room and decluttering. We all get so overwhelmed throughout the year with the “stuff” in our homes. As professional organizers, we see the strain “stuff” puts […]

Generational Clutter – What it is and How to Stop it

Are you weighed down with clutter that has been passed on to you and are hoping to make changes to prevent this situation for future generations? The holidays are often spent with family and can provide opportunities for you to clarify these boundaries and encourage others to do the same. It is during these family […]

Organizing Your Entertaining Essentials

Time to get your entertaining essentials ready. From tableware to candles, this category in the home can often get out of control. But having all the items decluttered and organized that you need for entertaining will set you up for success with any event that you host. Go ahead and schedule in a day, or […]

Tackling a Project Through the Eyes of a Professional Organizer

Organizing can be challenging-especially when we look at our spaces and all we see is chaos. It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to begin. Wonder how we, at Abundance Organizing, teach our professional organizers to tackle a space? It’s all about perspective. Mindy has been teaching organizing professionals how to assess the […]

Make Downsizing a Dream

Floor mat that says "Home Sweet Home"

by Amanda Scudder, MSW Certified Professional Organizer and Senior Move Manager at Abundance Organizing for Age in Action, a quarterly publication distributed by the Virginia Center on Aging Moving is stressful, especially when it involves downsizing from a home you’ve lived in for years. Yet many of us plan to do just that. According to […]

Don’t Save the Box

stacked boxes in large room

In our line of work we often see patterns in what people keep. Sometimes we speculate about these patterns and try to understand the logic behind them. Keep in mind, no one on our team is a therapist, doctor, statistician or demographer. We simply call it like we see it and often have a little fun with what we discover.