Four Strategies to Keep Your Busy Kitchen Organized

Big holiday events can shatter the best laid plans for an organized lifestyle. Look no further than a kitchen post-Thanksgiving for proof. Mountains of dishes, cluttered counters, leftovers in a dozen different containers that barely fit in the fridge. It’s perfectly normal for the increased workload to derail you. Organization is a process, not a […]

Pre-Holiday Pantry Prep

If baking and cooking play a big role in your seasonal traditions, your kitchen is about to get a whole lot busier–and your food storage is about to be hit by a wave of extra ingredients. For those of us with bursting pantries, it’s an especially stressful time. But it doesn’t have to be! Just […]

10 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability Into the Kitchen

You have probably heard the saying, “The kitchen is the heart of every home…”. This saying is also true for incorporating sustainable, environmentally conscious, and green living. You will probably find that there are more than 10 ways to incorporate sustainability into the kitchen. It can be overwhelming! At Abundance Organizing, we were recently challenged […]

Go Paperless!

It’s understandable that transitioning to a more digital lifestyle can be overwhelming. It may not fit everyone’s lifestyle. But for perspective, an average tree can make roughly 5,000-8,000 sheets of copy paper. If you still receive paper copies of any of your bills, think about the number of pages that make up those bills. If […]

Filing Techniques

There is no better time to talk about filing techniques than during tax season! Paper can quickly get out of control, but we have some tips for you. If you are looking for some guidance in creating a filing system or sprucing up your current filing system, look no further. Keeping your documents organized involves […]

Organizing Your Entertaining Essentials

Time to get your entertaining essentials ready. From tableware to candles, this category in the home can often get out of control. But having all the items decluttered and organized that you need for entertaining will set you up for success with any event that you host. Go ahead and schedule in a day, or […]

What’s Your School Lunch Process?

Having a process in place for school lunches is a must. Mornings are too crazy and hectic not to have one! Don’t wait until the morning to make and pack a school lunch for your kids. We promise, it may seem like more work to come up with a plan, but it really will make […]

A Well Organized Kitchen

Full View of Organized Kitchen

The most used space in any home is the kitchen. It is important to take some time to get this space right. Once your kitchen is organized, you’ll find the rest of your home will follow suit. Everyone in the home uses the kitchen and everyone in the home may have their own idea of […]

5 Easy Steps To Get Your Spices Organized

Organized spice drawer

Organizing spices can take some time. But don’t let that overwhelm or discourage you. You’ll likely need a full afternoon to get this project done with some planning in advance, of course. The end result is soooooooo worth it. When planning to organize your spice drawer/cabinet you’ll want to consider the jars and the labels […]

Organizing Solutions and Products For Your Pantry

Organized pantry

Pantries come in all shapes and sizes. And believe us when we say we have seen them all. The good, bad and the ugly. We can tell you what absolutely does NOT work and what you should invest money and time in when it comes to outfitting a pantry. Here we go! Ventilated shelves are […]

Organizing Under The Kitchen Sink

ORganized drawer with cleaning products under sink

The cabinet under the kitchen sink is often a packed mess (i.e. blackhole) of cleaning products, plastic or reusable bags, sponges, tools, etc. The sink plumbing creates odd storage space that is challenging to maximize. There are many products and solutions out there that can solve the problem. Here are a few we recommend. Instead […]

The Right Way to Plan a Kitchen Renovation is With a Professional Organizer!

Full View of Organized Kitchen

This kitchen is a beautiful mix of wood, stainless steel and white marble. But that’s not why it’s amazing. It’s amazing because it is crazy functional. This kitchen renovation was planned the right way. With a professional organizer. Cathy LeHew of Abundance Organizing planned this kitchen from top to bottom. Everything in it is exactly […]