Five Spaces That Make Your Home Look More Cluttered Than it Actually is

Life at this time of year is usually very full…and then we add the holidays! You may look around your home, feel overwhelmed, and wish you had more time to get organized. We get it! But things might not be as bad as they seem. We have found that there are five areas that can […]

Recommendations for Books about Organizing

There are so many books out there about organizing. Here are our favorites! We have simplified the research process for you and have only included books on here that have been vouched for by members of our team. Look no further for recommendations for books about organizing: OUR FAVORITE BOOKS ABOUT ORGANIZING If we had […]

Tips for Organizing Books

Do you have piles of books that you would like to organize on your shelves? Or maybe you would like to practically be able to find the books you are looking for on a regular basis? Whatever your goals are, here are some tips for organizing books. Sorting Options There are a couple of different […]

Tackling a Project Through the Eyes of a Professional Organizer

Organizing can be challenging-especially when we look at our spaces and all we see is chaos. It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to begin. Wonder how we, at Abundance Organizing, teach our professional organizers to tackle a space? It’s all about perspective. Mindy has been teaching organizing professionals how to assess the […]

Garage and Shed Organization

What does your garage or shed look like? How do you feel when you go out to get an item? Oftentimes garages and sheds can become the dumping ground for a mishmash of stuff such as yard tools, bags of grass seeds, sprays and fertilizers, outdoor toys, and recreational equipment. With summer upon us, it’s […]

Spring Cleaning Reminders-Places We Forget

ORganized drawer with cleaning products under sink

It is officially the month of March and daffodils are starting to bloom all over Virginia. Only seventeen more days until the First Day of Spring! This also means that spring cleaning is upon us. We recommend taking some time to make a plan before you begin your spring cleaning and organizing. As organizers you […]

Paper Clutter and How To Maintain It

paper piles sorted with labels

Do you feel like your paper clutter is a reoccurring battle? Does the incoming paperwork just continue to pile up and accumulate? Maybe last month you went through a hefty stack of paper and whittled it down. This month you see it has grown just as high, if not higher! We get it, and we […]

What Skeletons are Hiding in Your Cluttered Closet?

Closet door partially opened with clothes inside

Is there a scary closet in your home? A space completely beyond your control? For many people, the hall closet is where the spookiest clutter skeletons lurk, waiting to pounce the minute you crack open the door to retrieve a pair of gloves or the dog leash. Even when the mess is out of sight, […]

The Complete Guide to Decluttering – Abundance Organizing Featured in Kiplinger

Woman sorting clothes into bins

By Patricia Mertz Esswein, Contributing Writer May 8, 2020 From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance The urge to purge our homes of clutter comes naturally in springtime, and we may feel it more urgently this year, as we hunker down and shelter in place. Tackling a decluttering project doesn’t just clear your closets, basement or garage of […]

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free During Quarantine

Woman folding clothes

It seems like everyone is either tackling projects during the recent stay-at-home orders or asking for our advice on how to keep their homes clutter-free during COVID-19. Remember when tackling your own projects: since we are all operating with additional stress right now, this is probably not the time to tackle any projects that trigger […]

Woman’s World – Conquer Cabinet Clutter and Organize Your Kitchen

Woman Putting Dishes Away in Kitchen

Abundance Organizing was featured in Woman’s World magazine. Sara Bereika provides suggestions on ways to conquer cabinet clutter and get your kitchen organized. Read more below. Dec 26, 2019 By Women’s World Editorial Staff Tired of rummaging around in unruly cupboards? Outsmart cabinet chaos in a flash with our clever hacks and oh-so-simple how-to’s. Keep […]

The Crozet Gazette Features Abundance Organizing

Team member showing organized drawer and cabinet

Just Too Much Stuff: War on Clutter Affects Local Businesses By Theresa Curry – Tammy Smith travels between clients in the Valley and those in Crozet and Charlottesville. She’s the owner of Tammy’s Cleaning and has had an intimate knowledge of their homes and garages for more than thirty years. She has stories: homes where […]