Stop Clutter at the Door

Mindy Godding and other pros recently weighed in with the HuffPost on what not to bring into your home. It’s a good question to ask ourselves. After all, the cycle of disorganization starts at acquiring–clutter can’t collect if we don’t keep the items in the first place! We’ve put together our own list, identifying the […]

5 Simple Steps to Conquer Your Clutter Hot Spots

“Sorry the place is such a mess!” As friends and family gather in the coming months, we’re all likely to hear (or say!) this phrase at least once. After all, preparing for guests invites its own special kind of stress. No matter how carefully we clean and spruce, a few blemishes always manage to linger. […]

50 Items to Declutter Before You Move

Moving can be a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need or want. Scheduling time to declutter is very important to make sure that it happens in your move timeline. If you are able to let three or four items go from each category below, you will most assuredly […]

Organization and Sustainability

Organization and sustainability are closely intertwined. Organization promotes simplicity, and simplicity plays a significant role in helping people reduce consumption. Being organized helps individuals live a more sustainable lifestyle in several ways. Here’s how organization and sustainability relate to each other: ORGANIZATION PROMOTES DECLUTTERING A cluttered living or working environment contributes to overconsumption. When possessions […]

Organizing and Burglary

Organizing can play a crucial role in minimizing the negative effects of a burglary by ensuring that the household is prepared to deal with the aftermath if a burglary does occur. Household organizing and burglary really do affect each other. Here are some ways that household organization can help with recovering from and preventing a […]

5 Ways Organizing Helps Mental Health

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? We are going to take this month to focus on how organizing helps mental health. Decluttering and being organized can have a significant positive impact on mental health. Here are 5 ways organizing helps mental health: Organizing reduces stress and anxiety… Clutter and disorganization create […]

Tips For Planning Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is right around the corner. If you are following along with our schedule in It’s Get Organized Month, you know it’s time for spring cleaning! It can be challenging to go through stuff and make decisions on what to keep, toss, or donate. Before you start, we have a few tips for planning your […]

Decluttering and Organizing Cosmetics

Believe it or not, cosmetics do go bad! If you have not used an item in 6 months, you can probably let it go. Less is always more, and you will be able to use the cosmetics you do have more freely, when you can see them. Getting ready in the morning may even be […]

Organizing Products We Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this celebrated day of love, we would like to give a shout-out to some of the organizing products we love most. From personal experience, we know that the right organizing product makes all the difference in the world!⁠ Especially when organizing kids, you want to know that the products are proven […]

Go Paperless!

It’s understandable that transitioning to a more digital lifestyle can be overwhelming. It may not fit everyone’s lifestyle. But for perspective, an average tree can make roughly 5,000-8,000 sheets of copy paper. If you still receive paper copies of any of your bills, think about the number of pages that make up those bills. If […]

2nd Annual Declutter Challenge

We are so very excited to announce Abundance Organizing’s 2nd Annual Declutter Challenge! Is getting organized a resolution for you in 2023? This 16 day Declutter Challenge will help you achieve that goal! Join us on Wednesday, February 1st to kick off our 2nd Annual Declutter Challenge. We’ve chosen 16 specific, contained areas for you […]

It’s Get Organized Month!

Do you want to be organized this year? Believe it or not, this involves planning and small conscious decisions-not drastic changes. Taking the time now, during the month of January, to plan how you are going to get and stay organized will make all the difference in the world and set you up for a […]