Top Five Tips for Your Seasonal Clothing Swap

It’s finally starting to feel like fall out there! The heat lovers among us are groaning and it’s time to start busting out those thicker layers. The question is, do we have the space? If you’re finding that your closet is particularly squeezed this season, it may be time to start the tradition of a […]

Abundance Organizing Partners With Dress for Success

As part of our new focus on eco-friendly organizing, we have been partnering with local non-profits who accept donations in support of their mission. We have enjoyed learning about these wonderful organizations and the work they are doing to improve our communities. For our most recent volunteer community organizing day, Abundance Organizing had the great […]

Make Sustainable Fashion Your Fashion Statement

When working with our clients on organizing their closets, we seek to educate them on fashion sustainability. The majority of people only use about 20% of the clothes in their closets. It’s not just about having organized closets, but about making informed decisions about fashion choices and their affect on the environment. Whether they have […]

Seasonal Clothing Swap

Spring is here! With the change of seasons, comes warmer temperatures. This means that all your cold gear can take a “rest”- as Marie Kondo says. Now is the perfect time to swap out those heavy sweaters for springtime and summer pieces. Seasonal clothing swaps ideally happen in the spring and in the fall. This […]

Clothing Consignment is Easier with Abundance Organizing and StitchBack

Going through clothes and deciding what to get rid of can be a challenge. But StichBack and Abundance Organizing have what you need. We help with the clothing sort and making decisions. StitchBack helps with the consignment. They give you cash for your clothes but that’s not even the best part. The best part is […]

What Skeletons are Hiding in Your Cluttered Closet?

Closet door partially opened with clothes inside

Is there a scary closet in your home? A space completely beyond your control? For many people, the hall closet is where the spookiest clutter skeletons lurk, waiting to pounce the minute you crack open the door to retrieve a pair of gloves or the dog leash. Even when the mess is out of sight, […]

Pro Tips on How to Organize Your Purse or Handbag

Contents of hand bag spilled on table

Whether you have one workhorse bag or a satchel for each season, your purse is one of your most important storage items. Keeping it clean and organized will make every day go a little smoother. Before you begin, make sure you have a clean surface, such as a table or counter, so that you have […]

How to Organize Your Laundry – Martha Stewart Featured Article

Woman and child folding laundry in laundry room

Mindy Godding of Abundance Organizing provides tips for on how to organize your laundry. Article by Nashia Baker – April 24, 2020. Photo by Getty / Takahiro Igarashi Organizing laundry is a household necessity. One way or another, the dirty clothes that pile up in your hamper need to make their way to the […]

Declutter Your Closet for Dress for Success

Woman helping another woman with shirt

When we clear out and purge our closet, we are working towards a more streamlined version of ourselves. Donating the things we no longer need has lots of positive results. Studies show that making a charitable donation activates the reward center of our brains. In fact, those who donate to charity have less stress and […]