Spring Cleaning with Teens

Okay…so maybe getting your teen to spring clean seems impossible, let alone getting your teen to clean at all. But everyone has to join in on the fun of spring cleaning. This is the time to go beyond  the routine chores such as tidying, dusting, and vacuuming, and go into deep cleaning. Here are a […]

Spring Cleaning with Kids

Spring is here! There is so much to clean and declutter. But don’t do it alone! Spring cleaning with kids can be so much fun. They enjoy helping out and it’s such a great opportunity to teach them. Here are a couple tips for spring cleaning with kids: Turn Cleaning into a Game Chores do […]

College Prep at The Container Store with Abundance Organizing

Are you excited for college, but overwhelmed by the thought of cramming your belongings into a dorm room? Are you struggling to come up with a vision for your new living space at school? Well, if that’s you, we’ve got you covered with our personal shopping and planning experience with a Certified Professional Organizer from […]

Custom Organizing Solution for Kids’ Gear

Organized kids toys/games on a shelf

Families with school-aged children will likely agree that keeping track of after-school sports and activities can be a real pain the neck. The activities change from day to day and season to season, and there is usually a uniform or equipment involved. While a family calendar helps keep us on track, it isn’t always enough. […]