Back-to-School Supplies

August 12, 2023

Is it really time to go back to school? So much to do, get ready, and set into rhythm at the beginning of the new school year. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite back-to-school organizing supplies from The Container Store. Here are our top 10 favorite back-to-school supplies: 


  • Large bins or baskets can be used to store books, notebooks, art supplies, and more. 
  • Cleanup becomes a breeze when everything gets placed back into the same container. 
  • Art, craft, and school supplies are organized, contained, easily transported, and cleanup is quick when all school supplies are housed in bins and baskets. 

Product List: All Purpose Bins, Water Hyacinth Baskets



  • A small shelving unit can provide extra storage space for books, binders, and other school-related materials. The Elfa Closet is our favorite – here’s more on 5 reasons to love the Elfa Closet.
  • The Elfa Closet’s versatility extends beyond just closets and includes any space you need storage.  isn’t just for closets but in other areas of the home, too. 
  • The system offers various features like adjustable shelves, sliding drawers, and specialty racks that optimize vertical and horizontal space. 
  • Product Link: Elfa Closet


  • Make sure you store lunch in a separate compartment in the backpack – to create separation between food/liquid and papers/books. 
  • While these BentGo Kids Lunch Boxes are definitely a fan favorite – kids love the different compartments that they offer – just make sure you don’t accidentally throw away the lunch box dividers. 
  • Product Link: BentGo Kids Lunch Boxes


  • These organizing products are perfect for storing and organizing everything from flash cards to markers to toiletries. Sometimes being able to quickly see and grab a hair brush will make all the difference in getting out the door on time. 
  • This product helps utilize space in tight places such as bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, and craft rooms.
  • Product Link: Over-the-Door Organizer


  • Nothing beats a file box to create a keepsake bin for all those drawings, special papers from school, and other documents that will fit into hanging files. 
  • It can get very overwhelming to sort through documents if you do not have a system for organizing kids’ documents – a file box solves this! 
  • Product Links: File Box





  • A rolling cart is a great way to store arts and craft supplies, organize a homework station, and containerize any other supplies that need to be accessible and transferable. 
  • This cart has wheels and can be moved in and out of closets and from room to room. 
  • Product Link:  Rolling Cart

Remember that each child’s needs and preferences may vary, so involve them in the organizing process and choose products that suit their specific requirements. Let us know what everyone’s favorite back-to-school organizing supplies are in our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook.