Organize Toys for Barbie Day!

Did you know that March 9th was National Barbie Day? Considering Barbie’s recent sweep of Oscar nominations, there’s never been a better time to celebrate! The iconic doll is a mutual friend of moms, dads, and professional organizers alike—we spend days sorting through her accessories, picking out the right storage bins to fit all of […]

Stick the Landing with Your Spring Cleaning

We all head into spring with big intentions. Closets to redo, sheds to empty, kitchens to deep clean…the start is always so exciting! But what about when we inevitably lose steam in the middle? What about when random life events—a busy week at work, some emergency maintenance, an unexpected visit from a friend or family […]

Stay on Top of Tax Season

Tax season is back! A yearly ritual should get easier over time, but the stress behind filing just never seems to let up. With changes in our lifestyles, careers, and even tax laws themselves always rolling through, it’s virtually impossible for any of us to get a real grip on things. That level of complexity […]

Overpower Your Overwhelm

We’ve noticed a recurring type of question when working with clients recently: “Is it okay if I put this aside for later?” And usually the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” There are always tasks that need to be handled after we leave. Toys to give to grandkids the next time they visit, unopened mail to […]

Stop Clutter at the Door

Mindy Godding and other pros recently weighed in with the HuffPost on what not to bring into your home. It’s a good question to ask ourselves. After all, the cycle of disorganization starts at acquiring–clutter can’t collect if we don’t keep the items in the first place! We’ve put together our own list, identifying the […]

Showing Keepsakes Your Love

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve been thinking about one of the biggest ways our clients hold onto well-loved memories: their keepsakes. Sentimental items are some of the biggest hurdles people face when trying to reorganize and downsize. The key when it comes to keepsakes is a) knowing why we attach importance to items so that we […]

New Gear for the New Year

Are you looking to make changes to your spaces in 2024? The pros–including Abundance’s own Mindy Godding–have been weighing in on this year’s best options for new beds, desks and other household essentials. It got us thinking about how we plan our important purchases as organizers, particularly when we’re investing in improvements to the systems […]

Organize Your Gift-Giving

The season of giving is here! For some of us, it means getting to pass out the gifts we’ve been carefully stockpiling all year. For most of us, though, it means we’ll be in crunch time right up until December 24th. It’s a bit ironic that bringing joy to our loved ones comes with so […]

Post-Party Resets

No one likes handling the mess after a big party. And as much as we all love the holiday season, it means having to do several of those resets back-to-back! We barely have time to get our homes back in order after Thanksgiving before the winter holidays roll around and throw us into chaos again. […]

Four Strategies to Keep Your Busy Kitchen Organized

Big holiday events can shatter the best laid plans for an organized lifestyle. Look no further than a kitchen post-Thanksgiving for proof. Mountains of dishes, cluttered counters, leftovers in a dozen different containers that barely fit in the fridge. It’s perfectly normal for the increased workload to derail you. Organization is a process, not a […]

Guide to Guest Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the double-edged sword of hosting: essential to guests, perilously easy to forget about while we’re preparing for them. And this certainly isn’t a job you want to leave to the last minute! Whether it’s a small water closet for dinner parties or a full bath for overnight visitors, bathrooms can be deceptively time-consuming […]

5 Simple Steps to Conquer Your Clutter Hot Spots

“Sorry the place is such a mess!” As friends and family gather in the coming months, we’re all likely to hear (or say!) this phrase at least once. After all, preparing for guests invites its own special kind of stress. No matter how carefully we clean and spruce, a few blemishes always manage to linger. […]