ADHD Challenges in Organization

October 8, 2022

ADHD can present challenges when it comes to getting and staying organized. We know this on a personal level and speak from experience. Not only do many of our clients have ADHD, but some of us personally have ADHD.  Yes, you read that correctly – some of us are professional organizers with ADHD! In many ways this is what drove those of us with ADHD into this industry. Everything must have a place to combat the disorganization of the mind. So, here are some thoughts on ADHD challenges in organization and some advice on how to work with your ADHD  – and not against it – to organize your life. 

ADHD challenges with organizing…

It is important to first understand some of the symptoms and how ADHD challenges in organization can present themselves. These symptoms can interrupt the ability to organize. There are three different types of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, all depending on which symptoms are most present in the individual with ADHD.To learn more about these symptoms, check out this blog post on ADHD and Organizing. Knowing the symptoms of ADHD can be eye opening and can help you to realize why getting organized and staying organized – or just completing the task of laundry – seems to be so difficult. 

Let’s take a moment to chat about laundry…

When working with clients, the laundry room is very telling and often out of control if the client has ADHD. This is because laundry is a task, with many steps, which makes it difficult to stay on track and complete. Cathy, one of our account managers, always says that she can usually tell if someone has ADHD just by taking one look at a client’s laundry room. So, the laundry room is the perfect place to start to talk about ADHD challenges in organization: time management, procrastination, decision making, and staying focused. 

Add in a simple but consistent routine…

Routines are the key to finishing a task. Laundry requires starting and finishing a task, so it is important to set up a routine that gets you to the finish line of completing a task. Managing time, not allowing yourself to wait, just going for it instead of letting yourself think of all the options, and staying focused from beginning to end is much easier when you are following a routine. With that being said, here is a simple routine with steps for doing laundry:

  • Don’t give yourself the leniency to get distracted. 
  • Set an alarm for when the laundry is done in the washer to remind you to put it into the dryer. 
  • Then, set an alarm to take the laundry out of the dryer.
  •  Fold it right then and there- in your laundry room (or another pre-designated spot if you don’t have a laundry room).
  • After folding, immediately put the laundry away. 

The beauty of a routine…

Following up succinctly with each step will not allow you the opportunity to become distracted from your task! ⁠Setting alarms will help you remember and keep you from forgetting about the laundry. Knowing the steps to follow and complete will keep your mind on the task at hand and help you to complete the task. You might even decide to organize your laundry room-after you are finished with the laundry, of course! Setting up this routine can be very helpful and even transferable; the steps followed in completing the task of laundry can be applied to your other tasks and will help you to get and stay organized. Many clients (including those of us personally with ADHD) have learned to channel and focus that energy to the task at hand to stay organized. Stick with us this month and we will be sharing tips and tricks we teach our clients to stay focused and to stay on task. Instead of fighting your ADHD, work with it!

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What challenges do you face in organization with ADHD? ADHD and organizing can actually work well together! We know, that seems a little bit of a feat right now, but just remember that you are not alone!  Our professional organizers at Abundance Organizing have not only learned themselves how to be extremely productive with their ADHD, but are now working in the organizing and productivity industry to help others with the same struggle to thrive as well. Check out our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook for more and to share any tips you have on working with your ADHD to organize your life!