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Abundance Organizing Becomes A Certified Women-Owned Business

January 12, 2020

The year 2020 has started off with quite a boost! Abundance Organizing officially became a certified women-owned business in the state of Virginia! We are very proud of our women-owned, women-staffed, women-focused business.

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The Professional Organizing industry has always been dominated by women and Abundance Organizing is no exception. The Abundance Organizing team is made up of women of all ages and backgrounds. Not surprisingly, 90% of the clients we serve are women.

Empowering women has been the mainstay at Abundance Organizing. We see women at their most vulnerable. Their homes are in complete disarray and they feel defeated and overwhelmed. For many women it can be extremely difficult to let anyone in the door. This is why we, at Abundance Organizing, consider the work we do so important and why we developed this list of core values.

* We radiate positive energy
* We form meaningful connections
* We embrace the quirks that make us special
* We conduct ourselves with an air of refinement, striving for the highest standards
* We share our gifts whole-heartedly
* We communicate with compassion
* We act with resourcefulness and savvy

These core values are the foundation of everything we do at Abundance Organizing. Our certification as a women-owned business strengthens our foundation further.