Our team is our greatest strength

Organizing is more enjoyable and more successful when working with others. Having a team of organizers tackling your space can boost positive energy and connection while exponentially increasing efficiency. Our new team members level up quickly as they learn side-by-side with veteran pros and gain exposure to a variety of clients and job types. We believe that our clients  benefit from having a tapestry of skills and ideas tackling any project.

In Abundance Organizing, we’ve been working with a team-organizing approach since our inception. Our founder, Mindy Godding, has been the industry’s foremost national trainer for organizing teams and multi-person businesses since 2007. 

Our Core Values

We live by these values; they bring our team together and make us unique. By articulating our cultural cornerstones, we center them in our professional lives and carry them with us every day, on every job.

Mindy Godding

Founder, Certified Professional Organizer

After 30 years of experience leading teams, founding Abundance Organizing has finally offered Mindy a platform that combines all the ways she can use her skills to serve.

As a chronic over-achiever, she has always struggled with “one-more-thing-itis.” It has taken her years to learn that when you stop spinning your wheels and have time to focus on what’s important, you make room for opportunities.

As an entrepreneur and organizing expert, she has had the privilege to design and deliver training presentations to groups across the country. Whether it’s audience members, clients, or employees in her company, she loves meeting new people, maximizing their strengths, and helping them have life experiences that are robust and fulfilling.

Meet Our Team

Each member of our dynamic, dedicated team has gravitated towards this field for the same reasons – a keen eye for detail, a passion for order, and a desire to serve! Before we were organizing professionally, we were all using these skills to succeed in other pursuits. Imagine our excitement when we found out that we could do this work as a career! We believe our varied perspectives strengthen our results and we have so much fun doing what we love as a team.

Headshot of Erin Williams

“To help our clients find clarity and contentment within their space, their relationships, and life experiences through organizing, training, collaborative methods, and project management.”

We believe deeply that everyone has the right to feel loved, heard, supported, and valued. That is why Abundance Organizing welcomes clients of all races, cultures, identities, orientations, and abilities.

Abundance Organizing has developed a guided individual course of study for our consultants at several levels of development: Organizer, Team Lead, and Account Manager. These curriculums combine reading and video material for varied learning styles with on-the-job case studies. The curriculum is designed to build skills and knowledge and enhance personal/professional insight.

Abundance Organizing draws on knowledge from a wealth of experienced professionals. As a consultant is moving through the training curriculum, they must complete one-on-one mentoring calls with experienced members of our team. These calls focus on development through goal-setting, accountability, and open discussion.

Our team retreat is the cornerstone of the team-building and professional development that are so vital to our success. Each year, the company’s consultants at all levels gather together to reflect on our work, get to know each other, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments in a retreat setting. Each year, our programming includes presentations and training from nationally recognized speakers and trainers representing the organizing and productivity industry as well as related professions.

Abundance Organizing likes to acknowledge team members for their contributions to our company.

The Abundance Organizing Founder’s Award has been awarded annually since 2014. Winners are chosen for embodying the spirit of Abundance Organizing by:

  • acting as a positive presence when representing clients and the community
  • contributing to the team
  • demonstrating the pursuit of excellence in learning and development
  • personifying our Core Values

The Circle of Abundance designation was established in 2022 to recognize our team members who have attained a level of experience and expertise. The Circle of Abundance is an advisory group of veteran team members who have worked with Abundance Organizing for a minimum of five years.

Abundance Organizing routinely partners with organizations in the community such as nonprofits and donation centers. It is our mission to ensure that the belongings our clients release back into the community go where they are most needed. To meet that goal, we maintain a thorough resource archive. That way, every piano, piece of lumber, and box of craft supplies finds a useful second home.

We routinely feature our non-profit community partners as guest speakers during our monthly team meetings. We learn about their organization’s mission, who they serve, donation protocols, what items they accept, and what they do NOT accept. This knowledge allows our organizing consultants to better advise our clients and help them become more conscientious givers.

Our Community Service Days are the cornerstone of our community outreach– and a favorite among the team! Everyone– organizers, support staff, managers, and founders alike– donates their time and talent to a local non-profit. We’ve organized offices, supply rooms, marketing closets, and donation processing areas as a way to give back to the community and contribute our expertise to worthwhile local causes.

If you are a non-profit organization or know of one that is in need of help getting organized, we want to help. Contact us to be considered for free services from our team of organizers

We have the credentials

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I have always loved organizing! It’s challenging, like solving a puzzle, and I love getting lost in the challenge. I also love empowering people to live their best lives—it’s been at the core of any work I’ve ever done. So when I met an Abundance Organizing employee and learned I could help people by sharing a talent that came to me so naturally, I didn’t hesitate. I applied immediately! I enjoy organizing across the board, but I shine the most when I’m organizing a closet. Fashion, styling, and organizing go hand-in-hand for me: they’re all challenging, creative, and fun! Another reason I’m passionate about working in closets is the opportunity they present to inform clients about the detrimental effects of fast fashion on our environment and to educate them on how they can be conscientious consumers. I treasure our work because it gives us the chance to truly connect with our clients. It’s so special to see their relieved smiles or get that big hug at the end of a long day! When we help people organize their home, it’s never just about the stuff.  We’re helping them understand why they find organizing so challenging in the first place. That awareness is so empowering!


I found a love for paperwork and administration through a retail job and haven’t looked back since! I have a passion for spreadsheets, lists, and documentation. I enjoy providing data support that can provide insight to help make decisions. Growing up surrounded by people of different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities gifted me a very empathetic soul and taught me the power of kindness. I find fulfillment in supporting others. I get to merge both of those strengths here at Abundance Organizing 🙂 I love being able to say that I Organize our Organizers!


I spent seven years as a stay-at-home-mom. During that time, I learned the value of time management and home organization. So many moving pieces go into keeping a happy and busy household on track. My personal organizing journey led me to Marie Kondo and Gretchen Rubin, author of Outer Order, Inner Calm, and it was through them that I discovered the professional organizing industry. Before my organizing days, I worked in customer service, HR, and retail. I earned my bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the University of Mary Washington, and sustainability is still a huge part of my life. I was a big proponent of our push at Abundance to switch from trash bags to reusable Ikea bags for donation collection! It’s so fulfilling to know the difference we make in our clients’ lives just by refreshing their spaces; people truly flourish when they have a more functional and beautiful environment to call home. For me, helping them make that change never gets old.


I’ve always been detail-oriented, dedicated, and committed, so when I decided on a career in professional organizing, I really did my research to see what was out there. When I found Abundance Organizing, I got this WOW feeling! It was everything I was looking for—outstanding training, a great team, and the ability to help people by doing what I love to do. Over the years, I’ve grown in the way I organize. When I moved with my husband and two sons after 21 years in the same house, we decided to keep things pretty simple and streamlined. We did it as a family and the results have been great! Now we have a lot more time to have fun together doing what we love, including scuba diving and playing street hockey. It’s a good feeling when you get to the point in life where you can keep everything organized. I like helping other people get there, too!


Organizing has always made me feel better. For fun, I pick a project and knock it out—it reduces my stress. I started by helping my mom and friends organize their closets, but I didn’t realize it was a career option until Marie Kondo came along. I was so excited to discover something that combines all my passions: creativity, aesthetics, and helping people! I believe every little bit counts when we’re helping people in such a personal way. There is a vulnerability that can exist with opening your most private spaces to other people.I have a deep appreciation for the level of strength it takes for our clients to reach out and work with us, as well as the real impact we can have when we help them transform their daily lives.Working so closely with people has improved my communication and client service skills. I also developed an eye for the big picture, planning ahead to make things look cohesive and fetching.


Nineteen years ago I hired Mindy Godding, Founder of Abundance Organizing, to help organize my home after a major renovation. Mindy’s passion was infectious and influenced me to pursue my own career in professional organizing. Having started out of college as a nurse, I have a servant’s heart and a calling to help people feel better. Transitioning into home organization has been a natural and perfect fit. I love to cook and host holiday meals, so kitchens are some of my favorite spaces to organize. Good food from good ingredients doesn’t require a lot of kitchen doodads. If you have the right technique and a few quality items, you can have great success with less!


As a busy mom, I know the difference organization can make in the middle of a chaotic life, so I do my best to keep things tidy! I’ve spent my professional career working in fast-paced environments, including food service management, high volume restaurants, hospitals, long-term care, business dining, retirement communities, catering…it goes without saying that I’m used to a bit of chaos! After taking a year off to refocus, a friend suggested I play into my strengths and investigate the organizing field. During my search, Abundance Organizing immediately stood out. Problem solving in a flash and juggling multiple tasks come naturally to me now, both at home and on the job, so I took to organizing right away. As ready as I was for a change of pace, the skills I developed in my earlier work have served me well in the organizing world. Go Packers!


This field of work does so much more than handle your stuff inside your home or your place of business, they give you solutions that work, a peace of mind, and a sense of accomplishment. I feel that every time I work with the team at AO, and it gives me joy to know the difference we are truly making in the communities we serve. From a closet refresh, kitchen touch up, a whole home unpacks, or downsizing, I enjoy having a hand in all of them (closets the most!). I knew from the start with my background in retail and real estate that I would excel in this line of work. Every project is different and gives me insight for the next client(s) we serve. Apart from work, I love to spend time with my family, reading, writing, taking walks in my neighborhood and going to museums. My family keeps me on my toes! Wherever this career takes me, I know it will be a fulfilling journey!


Certified Alliance Therapy Dog 

I’ve been hearing about Abundance and their work for years. My mom, Mindy, and her team work with individuals who are sometimes feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Since my snuggles are so calming for her when she has a bad day, Mom thought I could be helpful in reducing stress for her clients. So she and I went through extensive training to prepare me to become a therapy dog. Being a part of the AO team is good for me in many ways. I get to ride shotgun in the car, spend more time with my mom, and— most importantly— I get treats and pats when I make people happy.