Christmas tree with ornaments

Tips on How to Organize Holiday Decorations

November 19, 2016
It’s time to pull out your holiday decorations that were quickly packed away last year….what a catastrophe!  If only you had taken some time to pack it in an organized manner. While unpacking to decorate use the time to prepare for when it’s time to pack it all up.
1. Unpack and evaluate all holiday items each year and donate items that you have not used in several years.  Toss any broken items that can not be easily repaired or have lost color. Give yourself permission to let some stuff go. It will make your job easier next year.
2. Sort and store decorations by the area they are used in your home. For example, have one container labeled “Front Porch Decorations”, another labeled “Dining Room Decorations”. If you need some of your decorations sooner than others, pack an “Open First” box.
3. Use plastic storage to protect decorations. Holiday storage boxes can be purchased at most home-improvement stores throughout the season. Avoid using cardboard as long-term storage as boxes can get crushed and may attract moisture and bugs when stored in non-climate controlled areas like garages and attics.  
4. Ornament boxes are convenient for separating fragile ornaments. Buy enough boxes to store ALL your ornaments. Count your ornaments so you know exactly what you need.  Egg cartons make excellent packaging for tiny, fragile ornaments.  Stuff all the nooks and crannies with used tissue paper or wrapping paper. Note: You can run paper through your shredder to make great packing material.
5. Label lights, garland, wreaths, or ball of mistletoe with a tag or marker and masking tape as you take it down. Note their exact hanging location so you’ll always know which item to hang on the “Front Hall Banister” and which is just the right size for the “Mantel”.
6. Wreaths can be stored in wreath boxes or clear trash bags. After you’ve wrapped them in a bag, you can hang them on a wall to save space and keep them from being crushed by other items in your storage area.
7. To store indoor and outdoor lights use paper towel tubes or wrapping paper rolls. It’s difficult to rewind them and fit them into the original package, so it’s better just to throw it away.  With scissors, make a cut at each end of the tube. Stick one end of the lights into one slit, loosely wind the lights onto the tube, and then finish by sticking the other end of the lights into the other slit.
8. Designate an area in a spare closet for all your wrapping needs. Store your rolls of wrapping paper in a clear plastic vertical container. Store flat paper, tissue paper and gift bags in a three-drawer clear plastic rolling cart, or a clear plastic bin with a lid.  Sort the wrapping by holiday, birthday, wedding, etc. Organize bows, ribbons, tags, tape, scissors, and anything else you use in a clear, plastic, over-the-door shoe organizer on the back of the closet door. 
If you can’t get your holiday put away organized, call us! We would love to help!