50 Items to Declutter Before You Move

July 22, 2023

Moving can be a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need or want. Scheduling time to declutter is very important to make sure that it happens in your move timeline. If you are able to let three or four items go from each category below, you will most assuredly meet the “50 items to declutter before you move” mark. We challenge you look through the following categories to find 50 items to declutter before you move:

Any and Every Broken Item:

If something is broken, unable to be repaired, and no longer serves its purpose, it’s time to let it go. No questions asked. This is a great category to start with because it helps you to purposefully go through your items and separate out this first category to declutter. No one wants to move broken and unusable items!

Expired Items: 

Check your pantry, medicine cabinet, and other storage areas for expired food, medications, and cosmetics. Most items will have the expiration date on them while others, like cosmetics,  you may need to do some research. When you find items that are expired, dispose of them properly.


Furniture that is heavily damaged, worn-out, or doesn’t fit your new space may not be worth moving. You should let this go. How about the pieces of furniture that are still in good condition but will either not fit into your new place, or no longer fit into your styling preferences? Here are some tips for donating large furniture items


Old batteries and some electronics can be recycled at stores like Batteries Plus or Best Buy. Best Buy also accepts many items for recycling. Best Buy also provides information on how to wipe your hard drives before bringing in computers. Click here to find the Best Buy closest to you and for a full list of what they accept. Some items are free to recycle but some are not. Make sure to check out your local store resources before you go. 


Donate or sell clothes that no longer fit or that you haven’t worn in a long time. When you no longer like or wear an item in your wardrobe, let it go to someone who will use it. Here is a great list for donation centers and consignment stores in Richmond and another list for those in Charlottesville.We always like to say, “Make sustainable fashion, your fashion statement”!

Kitchen Items: 

This category in the home can often get out of control. Get rid of duplicate kitchen items or utensils you rarely use – from serveware to glassware – let those items go. Kitchens can be overwhelming to pack and unpack. Decluttering this area can be very helpful on the other end of your move. One area that can often get overlooked is entertaining essentials. Here are a couple tips and then a 10-step guide to decluttering and organizing your entertaining essentials. You will be so happy you did this!


Old bills and statements, irrelevant paperwork, manuals, warranties, and magazines are all examples of documents that you no longer need to keep. Shred or recycle these documents and free yourself from moving them to your new home. Going paperless is not for everyone, but incorporating just one or two of these strategies will help you to keep your paperwork from getting out of control again. Establishing a routine for your paperwork always helps with this, too. 


Do you have piles of books that you would like to organize on your shelves? Or maybe you would like to practically be able to find the books you are looking for on a regular basis? Whatever your goals are, here are some tips for organizing books. If you decide that your books are in need of some spring cleaning, you will definitely find a book or two (or more!) that you are ready to let go. Here are 10 great resources for donating and selling books that you no longer want or need.


Those extra worn linens, which may be destined for the dump, are very much appreciated by the SPCA. Towels, pillows, and blankets are usually accepted at animal shelters. Call in advance to ensure there are no restrictions. When you begin cleaning, create a trash bag for the animal shelter and plan to deliver them later in the day. Nothing would motivate us more than an opportunity to visit some adorable pups!


Make decluttering an adventure with your kids! Take all the toys out of drawers, bins, cupboards and wherever else you find them. Sort them into categories. such as trucks, dolls, building blocks, coloring books etc. Then involve your kids in the process of sorting through the different categories and letting go of toys they no longer play with, are broken, damaged, or missing pieces, have been outgrown, or have duplicates. Do this with all their toys before you move so that you do not overpack. 

Holiday Decorations: 

If you have decorations that no longer fit your style or that you don’t have space for, consider parting with them before moving them. Donate items that you have not used in several years. Give yourself permission to let go, especially if you enjoy adding to your collection each year. Limit your collection by the amount of space you have. Bins – or your choice of container – are great boundaries for helping you to declutter your holiday collection. 

Cleaning Supplies: 

Cleaning supplies can quickly multiply. Make sure you collect all the cleaning supplies from all the possible locations: kitchens, bathrooms, closets, cabinets, garages, and anywhere else you might think of. Dispose of cleaning products that are almost empty or have dried up over time. They will not be usable and only take up excess space. Read more here, if you are interested in learning more about eco-friendly and green cleaning alternatives that our team members love.

Paint and Hazardous Materials: 

Check local regulations for proper disposal of paint, chemicals, and other hazardous materials.  It’s good practice to periodically rid your home of these possible hazards. Take time to go through any chemicals you possess and check their expiration dates. Here are some resources for disposing of paint and hazardous materials.

Hobby or Sports Equipment: 

Sort through hobby and sports equipment and let anything go that is broken, missing parts, or no longer used. If you are no longer into bocce ball because you have joined a Pickleball league, let the bocce ball set go. Consider selling or donating any equipment that you haven’t used in a long time. It’s always easier to manage less items and keep them organized.

Before you throw away any of your items into the trash, always remember that recycling, donating, or giving items to local organizations is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option. We really do promise you that you will be so glad of any time that you spend decluttering in preparation for your move. Now go find 50 items to declutter before you move and don’t forget to share your progress in our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook!