2nd Annual Declutter Challenge

January 30, 2023

We are so very excited to announce Abundance Organizing’s 2nd Annual Declutter Challenge! Is getting organized a resolution for you in 2023? This 16 day Declutter Challenge will help you achieve that goal! Join us on Wednesday, February 1st to kick off our 2nd Annual Declutter Challenge. We’ve chosen 16 specific, contained areas for you to declutter every day (with weekends off)….and at the end of the Declutter Challenge, there is a chance to win a $150 Container Store gift card!

This Declutter Challenge is perfect for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed by the idea of decluttering and don’t know where to start.
  • You have a history of not finishing big elaborate projects.
  • You have multiple areas in your house that would benefit from a clean-out.
  • You are a creative person who needs variety and fun to stick with a task.
  • You want to get organized in 2023 and need some motivation!

We’ve designed this Declutter Challenge to be fun while giving you momentum. Our organizers brainstormed all of the common household areas that tend to accumulate clutter. We narrowed the list and further broke it down into categories that are usually manageable as small isolated decluttering projects.The organizing experts at Abundance Organizing will coach you through every day of this challenge. We want to celebrate your successes with you, and support you when the going gets tough!

How do I join the 16 Day Declutter Challenge?

  1. Download Abundance Organizing Declutter Challenge 2023 to prepare and follow along.
  2. Join our Abundance Declutter Facebook Group where we will be posting tips, inspiration, or resources related to that day’s declutter assignment.

Here’s how the Declutter Challenge will work…

The Declutter Challenge download includes tips and helpful reminders and strategies to help you succeed on this Declutter Challenge. Our Abundance Declutter Facebook Group is where you can post and find support and inspiration.Your goal is to find at least ONE item from each day’s category that is no longer serving you and can be re-homed— in the form of a donation or gift— or disposed. You will remove those items from your space. Use your downloaded checklist form for more tips on this. It’s okay to switch projects/days depending on your time availability. Weekends will be off so you can use Saturdays and Sundays to catch up if you fall behind. Some of these areas will be a snap for you, while other areas may be tougher. Here is a great read on time management with some helpful tips as you get ready for this Declutter Challenge. 

Win a $150 Container Store gift card!

Yes, at the end of this Declutter Challenge you have a chance to win a $150 Container Store gift card! You receive a raffle ticket for every post you post in our Abundance Declutter Facebook group. Every post earns you a raffle ticket, and we will pull the lucky winner at the end of the Declutter Challenge. We will be keeping track of all your posts for all 16 days and awarding you a raffle ticket for each time you post. The more you post, the higher your chances of winning, because the more raffle tickets you will have in the drawing! Post your pictures, questions, and woes in our Facebook Group so that we can help you along the way.

Good luck!! Keep us posted about your progress in our Abundance Declutter Facebook Group. We want to hear from you! Send the link to your best friend and challenge her to join the Declutter Challenge as well. The more the merrier! We can do this together!