10 Tips for Unpacking

August 5, 2023

Moving in quickly requires organization, efficiency, and a well-thought-out plan. Planning ahead and keeping your plan in mind makes all the difference in the world. Keep coming back to your plan to help you stay on track as the many moving parts of a move can quickly cause you to get sidetracked. Here are ten 10 tips for unpacking that will help you to settle quickly into your new place:

(1) Prioritize the essential items: 

On the packing side, identify the most crucial items you’ll need immediately. These items are usually toiletries, a change of clothes, bedding, kitchen essentials and anything else you use everyday. Pack these separately and label them as “Open First” boxes.

(2) Pack strategically: 

While you are packing, organize your belongings by room and pack them accordingly. Clearly label each box with its destination room, making unpacking much more manageable. You can use color coding themes or numbers to identify each box as well. Here are more tips for how we like to label and pack boxes according to where items will live in the new home

(3) Use a floor plan:

Before moving, create a basic floor plan of your new space. This will help you envision where furniture should go and streamline the unpacking process. A floor plan will help facilitate decisions about the placement of key furniture and household items in your new home. Here are more of our thoughts on using a floor plan.

(4) Assemble furniture efficiently: 

If possible, disassemble large furniture pieces before the move, and take note of how they should be reassembled. Put all parts such as screws and bolts into secure containers. Make sure there are moving blankets or bubble wrap to protect furniture during transit. If you are using professional movers, it is good to oversee this process to ensure that all parts are carefully taken to the new location and that fragile items are well taken care of while they are in transit. 

(5) Utilize professional movers: 

Hiring professional movers can significantly speed up the process. Be clear with communicating your directions for where items are to go. If you are using a color or number system, explain this to the movers. Also, make sure you tell them how you would like boxes to be stacked and where. Do you want to be able to unload boxes and place items into your closets? Then tell them to keep boxes out of your closets. Do you prefer to set up the room and have the boxes out of sight? Then tell them to put all boxes in closets. 

(6) Set up the essentials first: 

Once you’re in your new place, focus on setting up the basics first, such as the bed, bathroom, and kitchen. Do you have a place to charge your phone? Having these essentials ready will make the move more comfortable and functional. If you can take a shower and make yourself a cup of coffee, it will make the unpacking and settling in so much easier.

(7) Unpack room by room: 

Focus on unpacking one room at a time. Start with the bedroom and kitchen, as these are the most essential areas to set up first. Move on to other rooms systematically. Each room that you finish will propel you into the next room. You will be able to see the progress and will be able to settle into each room that you complete.

(8) Organize as you go: 

This is one of the most helpful of the 10 tips for unpacking. Don’t let yourself start dumping everything in one place and promising to organize later. Instead, put items away as you unpack them, following the room-by-room approach. This will save you time and prevent unnecessary clutter.

(9) Enlist help: 

If you have friends or family willing to assist, don’t hesitate to ask for their help. More hands mean faster unpacking and settling into your new home. Be clear with them about how you need their help. Clear communication helps everyone understand expectations. 

(10) Get rid of packing materials: 

When you are done unpacking boxes, you’ll be left with tons of paper and empty boxes. They can take up space fast! So as you unpack, make sure to get rid of empty boxes and packing materials. This will help declutter your new home and create more space for organizing.Once boxes are empty, they need to be broken down and recycled. Our teams always designate one out-of-the-way spot for all empty boxes and paper to be staged until unpacking is completed.

Don’t forget to contact your mover or move manager to coordinate taking trash/recycling if that was part of your original plan.

Remember, moving is a process, and it’s okay to take some time to settle in completely. Take into account how tired you will be and always over plan for time. While a move takes time and work, following these 10 tips for unpacking will help you to quickly settle into your new place. Let us know what tips helped you and how your move went in our Abundance Declutter Group on Facebook.